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darude-sandstorm 2013年11月28日 1時03分
do i have to restart skyrim if i get legendary?
ive got the original skyrim, but i dont have the dlc, so if i bought skyrim LE wouldi have to re-download skyrim (not talking about dlc but the actual game), and would i have to restart the whole game?
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Fear2288 2013年11月28日 1時06分 
Not sure if Legendary Edition would use the same location for your old save file.

If it didn't do it by default you could probably just move your old save into the appropriate folder.
His Divine Shadow 2013年11月28日 2時16分 
New system from Valve called pipelining updates only required files not the whole download. Also, is it cheaper to buy dlc vs legendary edition which contains the same dlc. Wait for winter sale far bigger than this sale or just buy it for 20 bucks now. what it is. I paid 30 bucks a while back and just now gathering all mods to make it more enjoyable. Ask those questions and proceed accordingly.
darude-sandstorm 2013年11月28日 2時23分 
ok thx, but the if i buy the dlc separtely its like $10 more expensive than just buying legendary 2013年11月28日 2時36分 
Same question ! i have the original Skyrim but i want to buy this legendary edition for the DLC. 13€ legendary edition is still better than DLC alone.
darude-sandstorm 2013年11月28日 2時57分 
agreed, but if i was u wait for the christmas sale it might be cheaper :) 2013年11月28日 3時40分 
i think im gonna do this :) because i havent finish the story in the original Skyrim. Problem is : i have a BIG bug with shadows since 2 years and i dont know how to clean this up.
darude-sandstorm 2013年11月28日 3時44分 
Dovahkiin 2013年11月28日 3時47分 
You're saves should be fine, the path where your saves are located is exactly the same. :3
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