The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
[MG-RM] Ma$$er 22 лис 2013 о 22:02
RIVERWOOD townsfolk Massacre! Everyone seems to be frenzied????
I recently travelled to riverwood several hours of gameplay after Whiterun guards are sent to protect it , just after completing the Companions Quest where Skjorr dies and upon fast travelling to Riverwood the guards just start killing everybody!! i know , it seems kinda cool but every NPC just starts attacking eachother yet no one is hostle towards me ! I have tried to clean my saves ETC. I have seen reports of this on WIKI sites yet nobody seems to know how it happens , why it happens or how to fix it or prevent it - When i go back to previous saves , one WHITERUN guard will become hostile towards me for no apparent reason, which i can deal with but having everyone in RIVERWOOD massacre each other is GAMEBREAKING ! PLEASE any thoughts??
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riffahlc175 22 лис 2013 о 22:36 
By chnace are you a vampire? It wouldn't explain the fenzy massacre in Riverwood. What would though if you have Dawnguard, vampires randomly attack towns, then you have people running amok. What happens is that there can callateral damage, which would cause the massacre. Same could happen to you; there you are trying to heroically slay a dragon when some unsuspecting guard happens to get in the way of your blade! This of course, albeit accidental, is unforgiveable! Unless you happen to be Thane of that particular town. Beyond that, I hope that helps. You can try leaving the town for 24-48 hours and see what happens.
[MG-RM] Ma$$er 22 лис 2013 о 23:09 
thanks for the input but there was no vampire attack or accidental damage on my behalf , nobody even notices me , they are all too busy attacking eachother lol I have seen one post about "Riverwood Frenzy" in both TESV wiki's under BUGS section but i cant find any fixes or reasons why it randomly happens or anyone else really talking about the problem - ill probly lose this save n start over due to alot of MODS i installed n then uninstalled to see what i liked so it could just be a scripting errors but i just dont want it to happejn again or keep happening
shiva7663 23 лис 2013 о 11:01 
Sounds like someone accidentally killed a chicken. Nord villagers really, really hate that.
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