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PakaChaka 2013年11月22日 21時28分
While enchanting a bow...
While enchanting a bow, a random ingenious idea was bestowed upon me. name the bow "May cause knee pain". I wish I'd remembered to take a screenshot of it, but nonetheless felt the need to share this. i lmao'd for like 12 minutes :D.

What other funny weapon names have you come up with?
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barrettsmelley 2013年11月22日 21時34分 
I named my Thrice enchanted dragon slayer sword 'Oatmeal'!! ....
Or at least I would have if I was an enchanter who could Thrice enchant... lol
riffahlc175 2013年11月22日 22時40分 
Razor, toothpick, Blade of Nosferatu, fang, Hmm,....not very funny I suppose. But I liked them.
Col. Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin 2013年11月22日 23時36分 
"Side effects may inlclude..."
Dark 2013年11月23日 1時55分 
"but are not limited to"
Krofinn 2013年11月23日 11時03分 
I named my double-enchanted bow "Bow of OPness". Mostly I make double-enchanted "Shoes of Running Fast" with +Stamina recharge and +Stamina.
riffahlc175 2013年11月23日 11時59分 
Now that I think about it, my names were for blade type weapons. Doom bow, death bow, Succubus to be you bow. Shock and stamina damage on all my weapons, soul trap on a blade; Spiritus Dominae.
VoidWaIker 2013年11月23日 12時55分 
i named my ebony bow arrow to the knee and my daggers dovah and kiin and my nightingale sword the dark nightingale rises
PakaChaka 2013年11月23日 15時45分 
hows about "The 'duh' in FUS RO DUH" as a name for a sword or daggar? any funny names for armor? thx for the ideas btw :D
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☬ Val ☬ 2013年11月23日 15時50分 
I renamed my new Dragonbow bow and called it "LOLONESHOTUDEAD" ;s
true_blaze 2013年11月23日 16時17分 
A flaming sword called "Burning Sensation Normal"
riffahlc175 2013年11月23日 16時48分 
Armor; I'm Rash Free. Heart On My Sleeve. Thor But Not Complaining.
true_blaze 2013年11月23日 17時26分 
I had a helmet with the water breathing enchantment called "Gasp Caugh gasp gasp"

A lightning enchanted mace called "Thor's Hammer"

A Long Sword called "Over compensating for somthing"
Col. Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin 2013年11月23日 17時52分 
My Daedric Greatsword is named "I Smite Thee"
PakaChaka 2013年11月24日 14時13分 
lol awsome responses

riffahlc175 の投稿を引用:
Armor; I'm Rash Free. Heart On My Sleeve. Thor But Not Complaining.

I dont get the last one. obviously its a reference to thor, but idk know alot about Thor other than the hat and the big hammer.
true_blaze 2013年11月24日 16時03分 
Say sore but with a th soud at the begining and then you'll get the reference

I once had an enchanted pick called "don't f*** with a miner" but cant remember what i put on it
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