Corrossive 2013. nov. 22. @ du. 8:27
soul carin
i do not run a heavily modded game, i am currently running no visual mods. every time i go near one of the keepers my game crashes. i do not know what is going on right now... hellppp
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fran25 2013. nov. 22. @ du. 8:47 
I know the feeling. With my Machine the graphics are superior in any case. That way I can use the Mods that do things I like.
Inanimate Carbon Rod 2013. nov. 22. @ du. 10:26 
try opening the console and typing tll and go near the keeper. or check your papyrus logs to see if anything is going on
Pellaeon 2013. nov. 22. @ du. 11:16 
I was having the same problem, CTD's starting after I entered Soul Cairn. I fixed it by unloading the Skyrim HD texture packs while keeping the 2k texture packs from skyrim nexus. You stated that you don't have many visual mods so maybe some other mods or your mod order might be causing the crashes.
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