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BLM10 2013年11月22日 13時36分
Need Arrows for Auriel's Bow
Anyone know of a Mod that would allow additional "special arrows" to be crafted? I have turned Serina from a vampire and used the few special arrows in a normal way before I understood how the special arrows were to be used.
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Moose Knuckles 2013年11月22日 13時37分 
Take elven arrows to the guy who you first got arrows from the snow elf
BLM10 2013年11月22日 14時11分 
Thank you for the responce but that was so long ago that I do not even remember where I met him
Moose Knuckles 2013年11月22日 14時22分 
Should be in that frost canyon place
BLM10 2013年11月22日 14時29分 
OK thank you again
Alembrik 2013年11月22日 14時48分 
The UESP article on Auriel's Bow[] has some informaiton and links.
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