JBBurr 2013年11月21日 19時50分
Uplay's "sale"
I just bought skyrim form PC because Uplay had a sale on a bunch of Bethesda games, and I bought the "legendary edition becuase Uplay advertises it for $20, and it only gave me the origonal version of the game

has this happened to anyone else ?
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gotrunks712 2013年11月21日 20時23分 
I bought the same pack and it gave me the legendary edition. I'd contact support for one of the two. Make sure you don't have the DLC unlocked though.
Daetarek 2013年11月21日 20時52分 
I believe it shows up as Skyrim, in the steam library but has the DLC activated automatically via the one key, right click your game in the library select properties then look at the DLC tab, should see the entries for the DLC there.
terranrus64 2013年11月22日 0時54分 
Is skyrim steamworks enabled? Can i redeem the key on steam? Or will i have to play it using uplay?
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Daetarek 2013年11月22日 1時22分 
I was unsure so did a quick search and found this...
Which confirms the need for steam
Rhuto 2013年11月22日 2時23分 
terranrus64 の投稿を引用:
Is skyrim steamworks enabled? Can i redeem the key on steam? Or will i have to play it using uplay?

Look up left above "Store", take games and activate a product in Steam and put in your key.

This you can do for most games, if you want :)
Warden^Greywolf920 2013年11月22日 4時29分 
Are you sure that $20 was not listed on the stadard? Kickstarter has been listing its sales from least to most
gotrunks712 2013年11月22日 6時47分 
I bought the $20.40 edition from the sale and I can confirm it is the Legendary Edition and does work on steam.
JBBurr 2013年11月22日 10時48分 
so if i have the DLC they should be in the properties under the DLC tab correct ? or is that tab showing that those are the available DLC's ??

why I'm confused is because when downloading, it only said it was downloading the game itself and not the DLC's seperatly, and that was only about 6.3GB or whatnot and that seems unrealistic for a full game and 3 DLC's
JBBurr 2013年11月22日 10時49分 
And in the steam store is says I dont own the Legendary edition, nor does it say i own any of the DLC
Daetarek 2013年11月22日 11時30分 
If the DLC is listed in the Game>Properties>DLC Tab then you own it and it will be downloaded automatically, if it is not listed then you do not have it.

If this is the case you will need to contact the place you purchased the game from and let them know there has been a mistake and you got just Skyrim rather than the legendary edition.
JBBurr 2013年11月23日 14時31分 
thanks guys ! i figured as much when the hearthfire items were available in the stores
kmetek 2013年12月27日 0時13分 
so sad you can't buy DLC's separetly
Terian 2013年12月27日 10時54分 
now skyrim legendary cost 12.24$ (66% off) on Uplay
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