Snapshot45 2013年11月18日下午4:40
Legendary Edition vs regular?
Whats the difference besides all the dlcs.
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Pieni Mursu 2013年11月18日下午4:57 
wowszer 2013年11月18日下午4:59 
That is the difference. Dawnguard adds new quests, Serana and Vampire lords. Hearthfire adds house building, new ingredients, food, gardening. Dragonborn adds a whole new area to explore, more armor, and dragon riding for all that thatis worth.
Snapshot45 2013年11月18日下午5:00 
so i still get the legendary skills? even if i just purchase the regular game?
Pieni Mursu 2013年11月18日下午5:01 
引用自 -GRAVE- Snapshot
so i still get the legendary skills? even if i just purchase the regular game?
Yes, those were added in the 1.9 patch which is for all the versions.
最后由 Pieni Mursu 编辑于; 2013年11月18日下午5:01
Snapshot45 2013年11月18日下午5:02 
ok thank you
DarthWound 2013年11月18日下午5:09 
To be clear, if it's needed, the only difference is that Legendary Edition includes the 3 DLCs. So if you want to know the differences, you just have to check DLCs description' pages. Beside that, the game is exactly the same. Anyway, if you don't have "regular" version, buy the Legendary, it's worth it.
最后由 DarthWound 编辑于; 2013年11月18日下午5:09
Snapshot45 2013年11月18日下午5:40 
ok cool
Zefram Cochrane 2013年11月18日下午6:25 
Hearthfire adds adoptable children too, only 2 in vanilla but up to 6 with a mod
最后由 Zefram Cochrane 编辑于; 2013年11月18日下午6:25
S. 2013年11月18日下午6:42 
You're not missing much if you don't get the DLC. :P
Grev 2013年11月18日下午8:00 
The game is just amazing so many hours of play and the more you add the more you an do i'd say the dlc is worth it just because if you get into the game youll REALLY get into it so why not have more
Atermi 2013年11月19日上午4:45 
If you like the game, you'll buy all the DLCs in any case, so no reason to get vanilla Skyrim now.
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