Jet_Black 2013年11月18日 16時22分
Planing to Format PC, thus reinstall Skyrim
Any recomendation? Should I make a backup of my saves? What about mods? Or everything is ok just by trusting the steam cloud.
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Dr. Shocks . DO 2013年11月18日 16時29分 
Backup your save directory "Mydocs\MyGames\Skyrim\Saves" [unless you want to start a new character].
You can backup your mods. If they are STEAM Workshop mods, then will automatically redownload once you install SKyrim, so you don't have to backup Workshop mods.

I hope others have some tips.
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Zefram Cochrane 2013年11月18日 18時16分 
Do you want to start the entire game over again from scratch? If not, backup your saves.

Don't trust cloud and it certainly won't store your mods. Steam will re-acquire if you downloaded from workshop,

if you have NMM then there will be a backup in the steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\mods folder, keep them safe somewhere else.

Also c:\users\<username>AppData\Local\Skryim folder there is plugins.txt and loadorder.txt keep a copy of those also.

Easiest way is simply to backup the entire steam\...\skyrim folder and copy it back in place when you reinstall steam. Need plenty of GB's storage though.
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