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Snyltetast 2013年11月18日 14時49分
Beast form glitch
Hey everyone.
An odd glitch has occurred all of the sudden. I've been playing for ages, and had hundreds of mods without this happening. But now Beast form won't withdraw. It makes the "animation", light change and everything. I lose my howling powers, but I stay a werewolf. I then need script commands to return to my human form. Any ideas? I've tried removing almost all mods, I've installed, but to no avail. I'm lost, so any kind of advice would be helpful.
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Firefoxies 2013年11月18日 15時17分 
This happened to me once, a while back. I decided to not use my werewolf form and decided to go the "evil" route and become a vampire lord, then afterwards just gave up and became a werewolf again at some point. My werewolf form worked correctly after that. I'd try to just become human again then ask Aela or another companion to turn you back and see how that works.
mentalyawol 2013年11月18日 17時30分 
I was stuck as a werewolf for two days runing around it finaly changed back on its own think i might have crossed land cells waited then returned to the first area were i started but it fixed itself thank goodness
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