[RF] Samaister Nov 17, 2013 @ 3:47pm
Save relies on content not there etc....
I've come back to skyrim after a hiatus, have updated my skse and gone to continue where i left off. It seems as though 1 or more of my mods has been discontinued. is there a list of discontinued mods or some other way of finding out which mod has been erased?
I don't want to waste time with this toon if the mod removed is gamebreaking, however he is lvl 38 so i'm loathe to start again.
Any ideas?
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patandspooky Nov 17, 2013 @ 3:53pm 
there was a bug a while back where everyone got the Dawnguard DLC downloaded to their system without thier knowledge (for free). when that DLC was removed without our knowledge, we lost those saves.
[RF] Samaister Nov 17, 2013 @ 6:37pm 
Thanks for your reply Patandspooky, the unofficial patches had been removed from steam due to size and i had old versions which for some reason were unsubscribed. Problem solved :)
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