Inferior Pinecone 2013年11月17日下午3:38
What is the total number of hours you've played?
I'm at 595, nearing 600. Been playing since 11/11/11. What about you?
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[RF] Samaister 2013年11月17日下午3:42 
Gaboon Viper 2013年11月17日下午5:17 
572 Hours and still have tons of stuff to do. In my opinion this is the best game ever made.
Samwell Tarly 2013年11月17日下午7:28 
Man, I only have 154 hours. I can see myself sinking in so much more time into the game though.
Moon Punisher 2013年11月17日下午7:34 
184 hrs, well i got all the achivs , i think i would still go for more runs , but i will wait till they launch enough new mods and updates for the ones i already got :P.
最后由 Moon Punisher 编辑于; 2013年11月17日下午7:35
mentalyawol 2013年11月17日下午7:39 
458 and counting just now started the Dragonborn DLC so got alot more to do
Jela'n 2013年11月17日下午8:18 
3895 hours since launch. PC only and there are a few here with way more hours than me, and yes I do have a life.
Dave 2013年11月17日下午8:20 
174 Lost interest in many of my characters and only finished the main quest once through my first char. Need to do a complete playthrough as i have missed a lot.
Mazzy_elf 2013年11月17日下午8:24 
Only 40... I only just got Steam to be honest XD
I have no idea how many hours I've racked up on my Xbox version.
ᅚᅚ 2013年11月17日下午8:51 
I don't even want to think about this. I played this on Xbox long before I played it on PC, and my PC hours are pretty high on their own.
rodneyterry 2013年11月17日下午8:59 
i feel ashamed for admiting this but i pre-ordered Skyrim for the PS3. I've played it on the console untill i finally saw the light and went PC like i should have from the start. That said I only have around 480 hours on the PC version.
TheNovemberMan 2013年11月17日下午9:08 
I'm not telling, but i can stop- no really i can
Nergui 2013年11月17日下午10:37 
1627 hours. Oh how has my life ended up like this!
adup 2013年11月17日下午10:37 
240 hours
Kelvy 2013年11月17日下午10:46 
1300 hours but your question should be how times you have restarted the game mine is 14
Adamans 2013年11月18日上午12:08 
Ive been playing since 28. sept. 2013 and I already have 367 hours. Been to all dungeons, done all the non-repeatable quests, made the best armor and weapons possible and got my 252th lvl by spoiling the game with Alteration and Illusion boost. BUT, after lvl 88. Till then I played it regularly. Killed my ebony warrior on legendary diff in a fair fight, just meele, one shout, thats all. Now I got 1150 magicka, 1420 hp and 600 stamina, 1h weapon that does 2100 dmg, over 7000 armor, 80% spell absorbtion and 80% magic resistence. Honestly, nothing get beat me. Killing legendary dragon on leg diff on three hits. And when Im in my thief armor, I do 13770 sneak dmg. Now I roam Skyrim like a GOD. Dis all has just an informative purpose, peace.
最后由 Adamans 编辑于; 2013年11月18日上午5:21
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