The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

ziplock9000 2013 年 11 月 16 日 @ 下午 8 時 02 分
Skyrim PEGI rating vrs BBFC
How come the original Skyrim has a PEGI rating in the UK when the BBFC was still under use at the time?
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davidinlondon 2013 年 11 月 16 日 @ 下午 10 時 24 分 
Because it was always a grey area for video games and the BBFC, as they are not film or video images per se.... there were lots of inconsistencies across gaming classifications in terms of what were classified by them and which weren't, a lot of down to which companies decided to submit their games to the BBFC.... Carmageddon has an interesting censorship history as does Manhunt...
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