The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Savior hide
Good armor but where is the rest of it? is there good armor where my characters buttdoesn't hang out
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That's it. The Savior's Hide has always been just a cuirass.
What's wrong with your butt hanging out?
cause I'm the one who has to see it. I play in 2nd person. So how do I get leg armor to go with the cuirass?
Fill it out with armor of your choosing. Savior? There is no rest of it. Sorry.
So I can't get any kind of leg armor to go with a cuirass?
There's a few mods that gives you armor just for the bottom half. Northgirl gives you leggings:
This one I'm pretty sure lets you mix and match top and bottom half:
Both require UNP:
It is a daedric artifact.

So yeah , it is not a set , it is 1 item.
Still a realy good armor if you smith it on a bench and i had fur boots gauntlets and a hide helm with mine and it looked alright to me
The forsworn stuff matches the Hide quite well if your looking for the wild hunter look :)
Why dont the daedric prince(s) offer a complete set, kinda lazy i think. All the power of the cosmos and the best they can do is lung a single item at you for all your efforts.
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