The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Need help regarding glitching animals and blinking water
Watch this video and please tell me that any of you have a solution for this?
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Jojo 11.11.2013 kello 0.19 
Maybe they saw what the bunnies were doing and wanted to join in? lol Or they have hiccups from eating salmon too quickly? Who knows! Funny video though.

Yesterday I saw a bunny swimming underwater so sort of expect weird things like that to happen now and then.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Jojo; 11.11.2013 kello 0.20
I'm guessing since you didn't mention it, that you have a few mods installed. IF SO ------
The water blinking is a texture overlay poochscrew (it's called a "bleedthrough"). Some idiot thought instead of replacing the water with the new texture, they added it to the existing one. (they should hang the idiot who did that one). I know this one because I've been using the "official" HD texture pack and the water displays this particular problem. The devs screwed this one.
The jumping horkers is a physics poochscrew that some genius modder neglected to account for the water. You can see they're trying to walk on the water .. which is a physics "no-no". The physics engine is trying to keep them on a surface that's supposed to be "phantom" (not physical). The horkers are trying to go into the water as they're supposed to but a physics parameter is saying they can't because it's a solid surface. So it compensates by pushing them up. It's a conflict.
Your two problems are directly related and it's being caused by a water mod.

My simple recommendation: get rid of the mod.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Solomon Hawk; 11.11.2013 kello 8.10
grimus lähetti viestin:
i think your fps is exceeding 60 and your AA could be dropped to 2X or off. here's a really good guide to Skyrim graphic settings.

Ofcourse it is, i want the game to be at 144 fps. (only managed to do that indoors since the game aint using more than 2 cores)
Sakata Gintoki lähetti viestin:
Ofcourse it is, i want the game to be at 144 fps. (only managed to do that indoors since the game aint using more than 2 cores)
That's exactly why your animals are jumping around however. Skyrim isn't designed for anything over 60 fps, an unfortunate limitation in the game's engine. Not only does it mess with the physics, but it can cause other issues as well (timescale, etc).

The water flashing issue is present unmodded, but can be exaggerated by mods. Loading water mods last helps.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on stabbykitteh; 11.11.2013 kello 21.50
Tried water mods, but no difference.
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