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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Sven or Feandal?
Which of the two possible Riverwood followers do you most favor?

"Riverwood is an agreable place, for a Nord village." ~ Feandal
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Ilja 18. tammi, 2014 12.05 
Faendal is actually part of my trade caravan. He is (in my opinion) more pleasant. Having an actual archery trainer in a caravan is also a nice addition to RPG elements.
yukon-1 18. tammi, 2014 12.07 
i love sven. give him dragon scale armor and an abony sword and a iron buckle and hes the best :D
Depends on whether you want to train in archery or speech. Both are jerks.
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Ilja 18. tammi, 2014 12.24 
Rowdycoma lähetti viestin:
Depends on whether you want to train in archery or speech. Both are♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥bags.

Sven is not a trainer of any skill. You might have some mod transforming him as such.

(Edit: What Yoda language I am writing today?)
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Ilja; 18. tammi, 2014 12.25
Neither of them! Run off with Camilla and shack up together!
Kannibal 18. tammi, 2014 16.57 
I always go Feandal because I always need a long range follower for every two swords. Even then I never have enough Archers.
Elven supremacy is the only truth.
yukon-1 18. tammi, 2014 17.08 
WoH Veteran Catalino lähetti viestin:
They're both fegs
Faendal, he's so handy with a bow that it's silly not to have him along for the journey. Anyway, what's Sven going to do mid dragon attack? Fend them off with a twelve bar sonnnet about the maiden with flaxen hair? Anyway, once you've been to the bar in whiterun enough, you'll know all the words to Ragnar the Red so that makes Sven's contribution less than worthless - he doesn't even know Stairway and every lute player knows the intro to Stairway.
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Didz 18. tammi, 2014 17.20 
As already stated they are both jerks, so the answer really hinges on what sort of character you are roleplaying. My current main character is an honourable warrior type so he just ignored the pair of them.
Madbat 18. tammi, 2014 17.30 
WoH Veteran Catalino lähetti viestin:
They're both fegs
yukon-1 18. tammi, 2014 17.30 
madbatg lähetti viestin:
WoH Veteran Catalino lähetti viestin:
They're both fegs
well done mate
Taleonas 18. tammi, 2014 17.34 
Faendal. Usually an archer is more useful for you, seeing as you are more likely going to be up close and personal. He is also an archer trainer and, by using that cheat where you take the gold you paid him out of his inventory, you can basically infinitely gain archer level ups.

But if your looking for a good follower then download a mod called Inigo. Brilliant follower. Just try him out. You'll love him.
Trigger 18. tammi, 2014 18.29 
Faendal is a good follower ''Archer" to recruit for the Blades.
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