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Bob 14 янв, 2014 в 8:58
Mods to share with each other.
Why We're Here:
This thread is meant to exchange, and/or share your Mods, or Mod List with one another, that you "Use & Like." If you have a Mod, or List to contribute that you "Use & Like," please let us know by Providing a LINK, so our members can quickly view the Mod, without having to search for it. If I provided a link that's not working, please let me know, so I can correct it. I did my best to situate this 'Opening Post' for ease of reading. I hope you like my efforts, but most of all, I hope you find something here that will make your gaming experience that much more enjoyable, regardless if it's from my list, or from another contributing member.

Please, let's not bash or knock each other for what we have, and like. If you don't like it, or want it, then don't use it, and move on to something you do like. If you want to argue about who's Mod is better, or compare one Mod with another, then please create your own thread, and do that there. We're just here to share our favorite Mods, whatever they may be. All I ask is that you "Use & Like" the Mods that you recommend to us, and perhaps a short description as to why you like it.

Reporting a bad, or harmful Mod to one's computer or game is encouraged, but bashing what someone likes just because you don't like it is not, and should be reported to the Moderators. Mods are a personal choice, and not everyone is going to like what the other has. We're here to share, not compare who's Mod is better than the other. So please be considerate to someone elses enjoyment of a Mod, and/or game.

Please don't put up sexually explicit content (They will be reported). I would like to keep this thread so that our younger, and older audience alike can enjoy them. The game may be 17+ M, but the forum is visited by everyone (Young & Old), and that's why Steam has the below rules.

Rules and Guidelines for Steam Community Discussions
Off-Limit Topics/Replies
Do not post any topics/replies containing the following:
* Porn, inappropriate or offensive content, warez or leaked content or anything else not safe for work.

Notice of Thread Changes:
* Any reference to the BOSS application should now also include LOOT, as both are very much alike, or you can stick wiht BOSS as I do, if it's your preferred choice. It can still be found HERE[]
* Added Helpful Mod Guide links. Should you have questions about Modding, then those are some great places to go.
* Got rid of all the eye-candy for better reading.

Helpful Mod Guides:
By: Ilja --> Checklist: CTD after Bethesda screen
By: Ilja --> Guide: Small list of little big mods for Skyrim
By: Nazenn --> Guide : Modding Tools, Tips and Resources (v1.6)
By: Nazenn --> Modding Myths and Advanced Tips (v2.1)

By: Miku (Miku changes his name a lot, so go by his name in the vid. I can't continue to keep updating it). --> A good guide for video cards:
Recommended by: Grimus. Another vid by IIja.
Important Videos:
Some videos @ Gopher's YouTube Page

For those unfamiliar with the Nexus, watch this video:
Taken from Master Dan's HELP, TIPS & MODDING ISSUES thread.
Part 1 --> The Basics:
Part 2 --> The User Interface:
NOT EVERYONE will be able to have, and maintain the amount of Mods I, and others may have. So a good working knowledge of your computer, Mods, and how to employ them as well as where they go, and what they can, and can not do is essential. Mods are as diverse as computers are, and what works on one computer, may not work well on another.

ALWAYS read the authors notes. I can't place enough emphasis on this. Many of the good authors will tell you what a Mod is compatible with, and more importantly... what they are not compatible with. -> "If in doubt, do without."

USING BOSS, and/or NMM is soley up to you. BOSS may not resolve every single issue, but it will certainly cut them down to size when used properly. I usually place 1 or 2 Mods in the game at a time, and test it for approximately 30-45 minutes (even longer depending on the Mod) before I install another 1 or 2 Mods. This will save you headaches later on, trying to track down a Mod causing issues.

NEVER put a bunch of Mods in all at once. That's just begging for a distaster, and may result in wrecking your game. If you know nothing about Modding a game then stay away from them until you do some research, and have a clear understanding of them. I recommend those guides, and videos listed above before you start Modding.

SAVE your game before you install any Mod. After that I recommend you name a hard-save something like "ModTest" so you know exactly when, and where you placed a new Mod until you are satisfied that the Mod is working properly, then save as you normally would.

My Collection of Mods:
The following Mods have been verified by BOSS, and have no conflicts, or warnings. Some come up as a Bash/Dirty Mod, but may also be a false report according to some of the authors. So I just don't worry about them, and leave them as they are.

The Mod 'LINKS' provided below, are from the "Nexus & Erkeil Team" only, as I no longer use the Steam Workshop.

Recommended Patches for Skyrim, and the appropriate DLC's:
3-Unofficial Skyrim Patch --> LINK[]
4-Dawnguard (DLC)
5-Unofficial Dawnguard Patch --> LINK[]
6-Dragonborn (DLC)
7-Unofficial Dragonborn Patch --> LINK[]

I don't have the Hearthfire DLC. Instead, I've opted for:
a) Build Your Own Home (Load Order #69) --> LINK[]
b) Millwater Retreat (Load Order #134) --> LINK[]

I also don't have the High Resolution Textures DLC's, as I opted for:
a) Several other Graphic Enhancements that either conflicts with those DLC's, or renders them useless.

Mod List:
Mods last updated --> November 17, 2014. As always, read the "Mod Authors Notes"

8-Apachii Hair --> LINK[]
9-Climates of Tamriel --> LINK[]*****
10-Lanterns of Skyrim-All in One Main --> LINK[]*****
11-Chesko Frostfall --> LINK[]*****
12-Rainbows --> LINK[]
13-Splash Rain --> LINK[]
14-Climates of Tamriel Sound --> LINK[]
15-Skyrim Player Re-voiced Eleven Races Complete Male --> LINK[]
16-Additional Music Project --> LINK[]
17-Additional Music Project Replacer --> (See above)
18-Static Mesh Improvement Mod --> LINK[]
19-Static Mesh Improvement Mod - Dragonborn Tem Fix --> (See above)
20-Static Mesh Improvement Mod - Furniture, Chest & Snow Fix --> (See above)
21-Auto Unequip Helmet. --> LINK[]
22-Promethieus Beast Skeletons --> LINK[]
23-Better Towns Textures --> LINK[]
24-Better Mills Textures --> LINK[]
25-Birds --> LINK[]
26-Bordersense --> LINK[]
27-Chesko Wearable Lantern --> LINK[]
28-Fishing in Skyrim --> LINK[]
29-Hunterborn --> LINK[]
30-Hunterborn Dawnguard --> (See above)
31-Hunterborn Frostfall Patch --> (See above)
32-Improved Container Names --> LINK[]
33-JBS Banking Redux --> LINK[]
34-JBS Hunting --> LINK[]
35-Lantern of Skyrim All in One 1.5x Brighter --> LINK[]
36-Unlimited Bookshelves --> LINK[]
37-More Dragon Loot --> LINK[]
38-Populated Lands, Roads & Paths --> LINK[]*****
39-Radiant and Unigue Potions & Poisons V2.0 --> LINK[]
40-Reverse Crafting --> LINK[]
41-Shooting Stars --> LINK[]
42-More Loot from Chests (Double, or Triple Loot). --> LINK[]
43-Skyrim Flora Overhaul --> LINK[]*****
44-Unique Booze Bottles --> LINK[]
45-Wet & Cold --> LINK[]*****
46-Wet & Cold Ashes --> (See above)
47-Chesko Lorebased Loading Screen --> LINK[]
48-Footprints --> LINK[]
49-Footprints - Ash --> (See Above)
50-Race Menu --> LINK[]
51-Race Menu --> (See above)
52-SkyUI --> LINK[]
53-iHUD --> LINK[]
54-Custom Camera --> LINK[]
55-Skyrim Config Menu --> LINK[]
56-Cloaks of Skyrim --> LINK[]*****
57-Cloaks Dawnguard.esp --> (See above)
58-1NIV Winter is Coming Cloaks --> LINK[]
59-1NIV Winter is Coming Sky Cloaks Patch --> (See above)
60-Lefthand Rings --> LINK[]
61-Lefthand Rings Dawnguard --> (See above)
62-DR Bandolier --> LINK[]
63-SkyRe Main --> LINK[]*****
64-SkyRe Encounter Zones --> (See above)
65-SkyRe Standing Stones --> (See above)
66-SkyRe Survivalism --> (See above)
67-A Dragonius Tower --> LINK[]
68-Breezehome Fully Upgradable DG --> LINK[]
69-Buildable House (Build Your Own Home) --> LINK[]
70-Castle Grey --> LINK[]
71-Dragon Falls Manor --> LINK[]
72-Katixas Ciderhouse Restaurant --> LINK[]
73-CATE Markarth Plus --> LINK[]
74-Run for Your Lives --> LINK[]
75-Ingots, Ores, Firewood & Coal (Less Weight) --> LINK[]
76-Lootable Crates & Better Furniture Clutter --> LINK[]
77-Grass on Steroids --> LINK[]
78-Guard Dialogue Overhaul --> LINK[]
79-Headtracking --> LINK[]
80-SFO - Drabornborn --> LINK[]
81-SFO - Expanded Diversity --> (See above)
82-Convnient Horses --> LINK[]
83-DD Enhanced Blood Main --> LINK[]
84-DD Dragonborn-Dawnguard EBT Patch (See above)
85-Unread Books Glow (Light, Medium, Bright) --> LINK[]
86-Usable Lanterns --> LINK[]
87-Drinking Fountains of Skyrim --> LINK[]
88-TAVE Riverwood Enhanced --> LIINK[]
89-Ivarstead Revamped --> LINK[]
90-TAVE Riften --> LINK[]
91-TAVE Solitude --> LINK[]
92-TAVE Winhelm -->LINK[]
93-LOS & TAVE Patch --> LINK[]
94-TAVE Whiterun Enhanced --> LINK[]
95-Better Distant LOD Waterfalls V3 --> LINK[]
96-Populated Cities, Towns & Villages --> LINK[]*****
97-Footsteps Sounds Overhaul --> LINK[]
98-IHSS - Improved Horse Step Sounds --> LINK[]
99-Cinematic Fire FX --> LINK[]
100-Climates of Tamriel Dawnguard Patch --> LINK[]
101-Climates of Tamriel Dragonborn Patch --> (See above)
102-Climates of Tamriel Dungeons Hazardous --> (See above)
103-Climates of Tamriel Interiors Warm --> (See above)
104-Climates of Tamriel nights Level 4 --> (See above)
105-Realistic Needs & Diseased --> LINK[]*****
106-RND Dawnguard Patch --> (See above)
107-RND Dragonborn Patch --> (See above)
108-RND Drinking Fountain Patch --> (See above)
109-Hunterborn RND Patch --> LINK[]
110-RND USKP Patch --> LINK[]
111-Better Shout Time --> LINK[]
112-Auto Unequip Shield --> LINK[]
113-Disable Auto Aim --> LINK[]
114-The Dance of Death Ultimate Edition --> LINK[]
115-True Yield --> LINK[]
116-Followers Keep Up --> LINK[]
117-Reduced Distance NPC Greeting --> LINK[]
118-Ask Follower Skills --> LINK[]
119-Follower Wander 2 --> LINK[]
120-Follower Wander 2 --> LINK[]
121-Amazing Follower Tweaks --> LINK[]
122-Alternate Start-Live Another Life --> LINK[]*****
123-Deadly Mutilation --> LINK[]
124-DD Realistic Ragdoll Force --> LINK[]
125-SkyRe Races --> LINK[]
126-S-Over Encumbered --> LINK[]
127-LFox Improved Night Eyes (No Blur Fix) --> LINK[]
128-Realistic Water Two --> LINK[]*****
129-Realistic Water Two - Waves --> (See above)
130-Realistic Water Two - Dawnguard --> (See above)
131-Realistic Water Two - Waves - Dawnguard --> (See above)
132-Realistic Water Two - Dragonborn --> (See above)
133-Atlas Dawnguard --> LINK[]
134-Cartographers Map Markers --> LINK[]
135-Followers Map Markers LINK[]
136-RE Proccer --> LINK[]
137-DF127 Millwater Retreat COT --> LINK[]
138-Crafting Re-categorizing --> LINK[]
139-RND Aniimal Loot --> LINK[]
140-Immersive Innkeepers --> LINK[]
141-Sleep Tight --> LINK[]
142-Follower Map Markers-DG --> LINK[]
143-Follower Map Markers-DB --> (See above)
144-Follower Map Marker-Beacon Version --> (See above)
145-SkyFalls + SkyMills + DG + DB --> LINK[]
146-SkyFalls Dragonborn Small Waterfalls --> (See above)
147-Water Color for ENB - RWT --> LINK[]

Additional Apps/Mods that don't use ESM's, or ESP's
148-AOF Detailed Mountains --> LINK[]
149-A Quality World Map with Roads --> LINK[]
150-Better Signage - Inns & Shops --> LINK[]
151-BOSS V2.3.0 --> LINK[]
152-Chesko Belt-Fastened Quivers --> LINK[]
153-CBBE --> LINK[]
154-Colored Map Markers Updated for SkyUI --> LINK[]
155-Detailed Rugs --> LINK[]
156-Detailed Rugs Pelts --> (See above)
157-Double Cursor Fix - DCF Plugin --> LINK[]
158-Dust Effects --> LINK[]
159-ENBoost --> LINK[]
160-EZ2C Dialogue Menu - Configurable --> LINK[]
161-Glowing Arrowns --> LINK[]
162-Glowing Bolts --> LINK[]
163-Glowing Ore Veins 300 (Marbled/Striped Brown) --> LINK[]
164-High Definitiion Ivy HD-2K --> LINK[]
165-Lockpick Pro --> LINK[]
166-Lush Trees & Grass --> LINK[]
167-Magic Runes HD --> LINK[]
168-Malukah (Main Menu Song - The Dragonborn Comes) --> LINK[]
169-Natural Grass Texture Floor --> LINK[]
170-Nexus Mod Manager V49.0 --> LINK[]
171-Non-stop Firewood Chopping --> LINK[]
172-No Map Fog --> LINK[]
173-Optimizer Textures --> LINK[]
174-Phinix Natural ENB (Memory Allocation Patch) --> LINK[]
175-Real Vision ENB --> LINK[]*****
176-Realistic Smoke & Embers --> LINK[]
177-Ruins Clutter Improved --> LINK[]
178-SKSE V1.7.0 --> LINK[]
179-Skyrim Community Uncapper --> LINK[]
180-Skyrim HD 2K Textures-SHD Full-Landscape --> LINK[]
181-Skyrim HD 2K Textures-SHD Full-Misc --> (See above)
182-Skyrim HD 2K Textures-SHD Full-Dungeons --> (See above)
183-Skyrim HD 2K Textures-SHD Full-Riften --> (See above)
184-Skyrim HD 2K Textures-SHD Full-Towns --> (See above)
185-Skyrim Galaxy - Milky Way --> LINK[]
186-Slightly Improved Constellations --> LINK[]
187-Vibrant Auroras --> LINK[]
188-XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement --> LINK[]

My Top 10 Favorites (indicated by ***** above):
1) Real Vision ENB --> LINK[]
2) Chesko Frostfall --> LINK[]
3) Realistic Needs & Diseased --> LINK[]
4) Realistic Water Two --> LINK[]
5) Climates of Tamriel --> LINK[]
6) Lanterns of Skyrim-All in One Main --> LINK[]
7) Skyrim Flora Overhaul --> LINK[]
8) Cloaks of Skyrim --> LINK[]
9) Wet & Cold --> LINK[]
10) Alternate Start-Live Another Life --> LINK[]

These 3 Mods below have to be mentioned, as they are new to my collection, and the first 2 were recommended by Theoran, and are deserving of a "Honorable Mention,":

Populated Lands, Roads & Paths --> LINK[]
Populated Cities, Towns & Villages --> LINK[]
SkyRe Main --> LINK[]

If anyone else would like to put their "Top 10 Mods" up, please feel free to do so, and provide links.

Why I Use Certain "So-called Cheat Mods."
Let's start off with these:
1) Glowing Arrows --> LINK[]
2) Glowing Bolts --> LINK[]
3) Glowing Ore Veins (Marbled/Striped Brown) --> LINK[]
4) Unread Books Glow (Light, Medium, Bright) --> LINK[]

My eyes aren't as great as they use to be 10+ years ago. So I consider these "Visual Aids" more than anything else. I just don't want to be hunting down my most expensive, hard to find arrows, or click on every book to see if I've read it, and the Glowing Ore Veins really don't Glow. They are dark brown striped rocks (Kind of marble looking). So much for those.

Next on the list:
5) Left-hand Rings --> LINK[]
6) Reverse Crafting --> LINK[]

Now to call Lefthand Rings a cheat, just baffles the mind. I wear a ring on each hand (Wedding & Navy rings). So why not here? As to Reverse Crafting, I think it's only logical that any real life "Blacksmith, or Jeweler" can do this. So why not in the game?

And here's a few more:
8) Lockpick Pro --> LINK[]
9) More Loot from Chests (Double, or Triple Loot). --> LINK[]
10) More Dragon Loot --> LINK[]
11) Unlimited Bookshelves --> LINK[]

Well, it takes sensitive fingers, and acute hearing to feel, and hear the "Sweet-spot," of a lock, that the game just can't simulate. So I consider this an adjustment. I also think some of these large chests need to have a bit more in them. I only use the "Random Double" setting, not the "Triple." The same for More Dragon Loot. I just think a "Big Ole Dragon" should yield more things, than the "Tidbits" the game gives you. Unlimited Bookshelves, is just nice place to put my books, all in one spot.

Last, but not least:
12) Ingots, Ores, Firewood & Coal (Less Weight) --> LINK[]

My only actual "Cheats." I just don't like carrying all that extra weight, and running from home to home, just to store it, or from town to town to sell it, but that's me, and I offer no excuse. So much for my "Cheat Mods."

Did I miss anything? Let me know, and I'll tell you why I chose it. I also use a few things that make the game harder. IE: Frostfall, Hunterborn, Real Needs & Disease, SkyRe, and probably more, if I looked hard enough.

Now here's what I consider CHEATING:
"Console Commands" that allows you to bypass a Puzzle/Quest, or Outright Kills an enemy, or Resurrects a Fallen Follower, or NPC, etc, etc, that you couldn't achieve through normal means. "Unlimited Ammo, Endurance, Health/Hitpoints, and Magic" are certainly cheats as well, and I don't have, or use any of those,
Последний раз отредактировал Bob; 21 авг в 20:02
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Taleonas 16 янв, 2014 в 14:40 
Infinachop. It lets you chop wood continuesly without having to restart the act over and over again.
Bob 16 янв, 2014 в 14:50 
Изначально опубликовано Taleonas:
Infinachop. It lets you chop wood continuesly without having to restart the act over and over again.
Now that's music to my ears, as I stated in my post, Link please, as 'Infinachop' yields nothing in Nexus or Workshop.
Bob 16 янв, 2014 в 15:19 
Thanks for the contribution, Vagrant.
Chewy "pCars n00b" Shoe 16 янв, 2014 в 15:28 
Chewy "pCars n00b" Shoe 16 янв, 2014 в 16:47 
Is there a mod to make organising your enchantments easier? Like during my first playthrough, I found myself picking up the same enchanted robes/weapons etc... over and over again to use on an enchanting table to discover that I had already learned the enchantment, also sometimes I would learn the weakest version of an enchantment and there was no way to 'unlearn' it, so I would love a mod to do those two things :D
Chewy "pCars n00b" Shoe 16 янв, 2014 в 17:05 
I'm already getting carried away by mods lol :$
Bob 16 янв, 2014 в 17:31 
That's a good thing... I think.
Chewy "pCars n00b" Shoe 16 янв, 2014 в 17:53 
I wish there was a mod like the glowing books mod where items enchanted with enchantments that you already know glowed, would be soooo useful. I might have a go at making it myself actually.
Bob 16 янв, 2014 в 17:55 
Go for it! I would be interested in such a Mod.

The Mod list has been updated with all the links that I can remember. If I missed any, just highlight the Mod, and Bing/Google it. If you still can't find it, let me know, and I'll assist you.
Последний раз отредактировал Bob; 16 янв, 2014 в 18:35
ackrueger 16 янв, 2014 в 19:00 
LOVE this thread & think would be a good idea to get it pinned. Being fairly new to Skyrim(50 hrs) but totally addicted to it (AND modding), i want provide just one link which i found most helpfull for me:
Not a mod but a very comprehensive guide, from which i learned a lot about the potential problems of modding the game. And i have installed maybe 60% or more of the mods being covered by the guide. Worth a look!
Bob 16 янв, 2014 в 19:04 
Thanks for your input, and link. Most useful. Just report my opening thread, and instead of a complaint, just request it to be 'Pinned'
ackrueger 16 янв, 2014 в 19:24 
Thanks Bob, just done that... report the thread. Felt a bit intimidated by the warning, but WTH!
Bob 16 янв, 2014 в 19:27 
Many thanks. Participation in the sharing of Mods from our members, would also do well here.
ackrueger 16 янв, 2014 в 19:32 
Mhhh... i might be dumb, but i do not comprehend what you mean with "sharing of mods from our members", sorry. Thought you mean Steam Workshop maybe?
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