The Dark Sorceress 1月8日 14時22分
Need Modding help
I cant get my Nexus Mod manager to work it wont let me log on. I even created a new account with no luck. Cant play any of my games that are modded over the nexus if I cant remove and add mods to make the game feel right. Any help?
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Aries 1月8日 14時24分 
It wont let you log in at all?
The Dark Sorceress 1月8日 14時25分 
even created a new account nothin
Dragazhar 1月8日 14時50分 
Will it load in Offline mode? What version of NMM do you have? Nexus site has been having issues for almost a month now since they consolidated their sites for adding more game modding options.
The Dark Sorceress 1月8日 14時53分 
46.6 is what it said on the big loading bar
Dragazhar 1月8日 14時54分 
you can manually download files from the site.. and use the NMM in Offline mode and add files to it from your downloads. That's what I had to do when it was down for a few days in Dec.
The Dark Sorceress 1月8日 14時56分 
i tried to do that but cant find the files -_-
Dr. Shocks . DO 1月8日 14時56分 
Ask over at the Nexus
The Dark Sorceress 1月8日 15時53分 
You said yours was down for a few days in december. Should I just wait a while while the glitches are ironed out?
Dragazhar 1月8日 16時33分 
The site works just fine atm. I updated Better Vampires just an hour ago. Just start NMM and when the login screen pops up.. hit the offline button. the files you downloaded should be in your downloads folder which should be in your personal folder. If you wanted to check. open your web browser.. I use firefox and at the top right of the window next to the home button is an arrow pointing down. I can hit that. see my downloads.. Right click on any one of them and select "open containing folder" to show you where they are
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The Dark Sorceress 1月8日 16時47分 
i just wana know if there is any way to get it to work again
Dragazhar 1月8日 22時11分 
What's your OS? Is it running as admin?
The Dark Sorceress 1月8日 23時03分 
would admin be where you just log onto the thing nothing special going on?
Dragazhar 1月9日 0時31分 
Right click on the NMM icon on your desktop. a box appears with lots of options. Move hte mouse to RUN as Administrator
The Dark Sorceress 1月9日 0時36分 
i dont see that option just which game i want to manage mods for
Dragazhar 1月9日 12時59分 
Dont launch NMM....I said
right click
on its icon. A box pops up at your mouse offering more choices starting with
and at the bottom ..
.. Choose the option that says
" run as administrator "
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