JK 1月7日 21時33分
My Skyrim doesn't work, how the hell do I fix it?
It's not been working for months, whenever I run the game, It always goes to the bethesda logo screen and passes along to a program not even in the taskbar
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pleasenoname3 1月7日 21時37分 
please be more specific.
JK 1月7日 21時50分 
well, I don't have any mods, I start it up and click play. then the bethesda logo appears as usual. after that when the skyrim menu is supposed to pop up, the game crashes just immediately
pleasenoname3 1月7日 21時56分 
Your preferences in your ini. are set wrong. delete your "Skyrim.ini"(copy and save it elsewhere for a BACKUP first), "C:\Users\Owner\Documents\My Games\Skyrim" and restart the game.
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Draxnez 1月7日 21時59分 
I'm also running in to trouble with mine as well.
The menu loads, but when I click on "play" an "error" pops up informing me that it is not supported. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it twice. Still the same error message.
pleasenoname3 1月7日 22時01分 
What is your graphics card?
JK 1月7日 22時02分 
it's good enough to run skyrim because I've had the game since 2012 and it work just fine until a few months ago
Draxnez 1月7日 22時03分 
Radion HD6000series. It worked before, but suddenly crashed.
pleasenoname3 1月7日 22時05分 
try updating steam
Draxnez 1月7日 22時06分 
Updated earlier, no luck.
pleasenoname3 1月7日 22時07分 
veriify integrity of cache in steam options. right click the game in the list, select properties, go to the local content tab, click verify integrity of cache.
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pleasenoname3 1月7日 22時07分 
is there an error message?
JK 1月7日 22時08分 
I went to the my documents thing and it turns out, I couldn't find any skyrim.ini files
Draxnez 1月7日 22時10分 
*Your game version is NOT supported, supported patches;* blah blah blah
pleasenoname3 1月7日 22時13分 
Did you recently update your graphics drivers?
pleasenoname3 1月7日 22時14分 
Draxnez の投稿を引用:
*Your game version is NOT supported, supported patches;* blah blah blah
could you actually write out the blah blah blah part?
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