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RGJ_Hugh Johnson 2013年12月30日 23時24分
What do you get at end of Dragonborn dlc?
I just beat Maarik and Herma Mora said I will be greatly rewarded but all I see is I am able to remove perks with dragon souls is that it?
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Coppermantis(。◕‿◕。) 2013年12月30日 23時25分 
Well, you get the rest of the black books too. And Miraak's loot.
[BSJ] s0n1c 2013年12月30日 23時52分 
you can respec with one of the black books after you beat the dlc
Brandybuck 2013年12月31日 0時09分 
You get his stuff. It's not awesome, but it's more than you got for Alduin. If you don't have all the black books, get those.
Blackwind121 2013年12月31日 1時52分 
Don't you get some shout that can let you ride dragons or something too? lol
Trigger 2013年12月31日 5時50分 
A brand new BMW
Benji 2013年12月31日 5時59分 
More glitches... and a train!
Blackwind121 2013年12月31日 9時24分 
Benji The Brave の投稿を引用:
More glitches... and a train!

Also some switches...filled with GRAIN!
RGJ_Hugh Johnson 2013年12月31日 13時02分 
I didnt get a shout that I could ride dragons and his body vanished after he died so I wasnt able to loot him
RGJ_Hugh Johnson 2013年12月31日 13時03分 
I only have 2 black books too was there a third?
RGJ_Hugh Johnson 2013年12月31日 13時07分 
I just killed a dragon and Miraak appeared in it....
ballpoint202 2013年12月31日 13時13分 
You got a bunch of dragon souls, all the ones he had accumulated.
RGJ_Hugh Johnson 2013年12月31日 14時36分 
So to fly dragons do I just use bend will against a dragon then I can ride it?
wowszer 2013年12月31日 15時10分 
Yup, you got it. A full shout, he lands, you get on the dragon, but the only option is where to land.
最近の変更はwowszerが行いました; 2013年12月31日 15時11分
1-13 / 13 のコメントを表示
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