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Mr. Sarcastic 2013年12月30日 22時34分
How to start hearthfire
I just bought the legendary edition of skyrim, how do i begin hearthfire, no courier has come up to me.
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TapfererToaster 2013年12月30日 22時44分 
Dont think there is a courier for heartfire.
Just go to the hold of one of the 3 homesteads and ask the jarl to buy land.
I think he sends you to do some stuff and then you can start to build you house.
More info:
Mr. Sarcastic 2013年12月30日 23時01分 
Thanks alot for your help man

All Mighty Talos 2013年12月30日 23時12分 
heartfire do quests for the jarls of mothol,danwstar,falkreth and some time you will get tolled that you can buy a plot of land i don't have the danwstar house so i don't know what it will look like just sayen.
All Mighty Talos 2013年12月30日 23時13分 
and then ask the stuwet.
Jogon 2013年12月30日 23時41分 
You will normally get a courier delivering an invitation from the Jarl of Falkreath to visit him and he indicates that he has some land for sale. Do not expect the offer to produce on the first visit.
Mr. Sarcastic 2013年12月31日 11時43分 
i went to falkreath,and the steurard wants a beer, i dont think thats part of helping him. I remember doing a mission in the city that got his attention, is that it?
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