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Help! I have Vampirism!
So recently I couldn't do any more quests due to the fact I have Vampirism and everyone wants to kill me, I really don't know what to do and I want to fix this soon, can anybody tell me what's the shortest and easiest way to cure it? If you don't know any easy nor short way I will be glad to hear the long and hard way if necesary! Please help ASAP
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Remlish 2013年12月30日 21時18分

If you'd rather not do it the proper way there are mods that add cures for both vapirism and lycanthropy in potion form
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If you haven't done the companions questline, becoming a werewolf will get rid of vampirism or going to Morthal nad finding the mage there, he will give a small quest to do to prepare the vampiric cleansing.
Gilmo 2013年12月30日 21時23分 
you should enjoy you vampirism :D ... and try the Better Vampire mod


to start doing quests again you have to feed on someone tho, so you can walk among ants again..
cool guy 2013年12月30日 21時45分 
What kind of mods? I know there's a workshop, but is there any type of specific mod?

Is there any shorter way? :?
TomTom 2013年12月30日 21時47分 
You could always feed on sleeping people so no one will try to kill you while being a vampire.
Then try de Companions quest or finding the cure.
cool guy 2013年12月30日 22時17分 
No tutorials on finding the cure? :/
Talk to innkeepers about rumours. They will tell you about Falion, an expert on vampires. You will then recieve the quest "Rising at Dawn". Complete the quest.
Digstar 2013年12月30日 23時45分 
Buy Dawnguard DLC and the NPCs will no longer attack you.

mr sun の投稿を引用:
No tutorials on finding the cure? :/

You haven't googled this information?
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