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cool guy 30/dez/2013 às 21:17
Help! I have Vampirism!
So recently I couldn't do any more quests due to the fact I have Vampirism and everyone wants to kill me, I really don't know what to do and I want to fix this soon, can anybody tell me what's the shortest and easiest way to cure it? If you don't know any easy nor short way I will be glad to hear the long and hard way if necesary! Please help ASAP
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Remlish 30/dez/2013 às 21:18

If you'd rather not do it the proper way there are mods that add cures for both vapirism and lycanthropy in potion form
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Salty Anusburger 30/dez/2013 às 21:21 
If you haven't done the companions questline, becoming a werewolf will get rid of vampirism or going to Morthal nad finding the mage there, he will give a small quest to do to prepare the vampiric cleansing.
Gilmo 30/dez/2013 às 21:23 
you should enjoy you vampirism :D ... and try the Better Vampire mod


to start doing quests again you have to feed on someone tho, so you can walk among ants again..
cool guy 30/dez/2013 às 21:45 
What kind of mods? I know there's a workshop, but is there any type of specific mod?

Is there any shorter way? :?
TomTom 30/dez/2013 às 21:47 
You could always feed on sleeping people so no one will try to kill you while being a vampire.
Then try de Companions quest or finding the cure.
cool guy 30/dez/2013 às 22:17 
No tutorials on finding the cure? :/
frumious_snark 30/dez/2013 às 23:42 
Talk to innkeepers about rumours. They will tell you about Falion, an expert on vampires. You will then recieve the quest "Rising at Dawn". Complete the quest.
Digstar 30/dez/2013 às 23:45 
Buy Dawnguard DLC and the NPCs will no longer attack you.

Escrito originalmente por mr sun:
No tutorials on finding the cure? :/

You haven't googled this information?
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