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Brian 2013年12月29日 19時47分
Anyone want to talk and play?
I get bored playing this game and most of my friends don't want to play Skyrim anymore so I was hoping someone would enjoy someone to talk to while playing as well. I've just started but have played through on Xbox. If you're interested just send me a friend request. Also 18+ is preferred but not necessary.
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Link-X-Malon 2013年12月29日 19時49分 
Sure Brian, I'll send friend request.
Brian 2013年12月29日 19時59分 
added still looking for others
Vikingishly 2013年12月29日 20時45分 
I'll play
du5tin 2013年12月29日 21時41分 
Brian 2013年12月29日 21時43分 
Just add me
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