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Alduin's wall mission bug
I just got Esbern and i have to take him back to riverwood but when i enter the ragged flaggon and try to go out the door to the ratway vaults it crashes. I do use NMM and i tried uninstalling my most recent mods and it didn't help.
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maidofmanynames Dec 19, 2013 @ 12:59am 
We need a little more information. Do you use mods? If so, do you regularly use BOSS to keep your load order fixed? Do you have the Unofficial Patches?
CountZero Apr 23, 2014 @ 9:10pm 
Just started playing skyrim last week and encountered this very annoying bug. My game (47 mods organized by NMM and BOSS) crashes at this juncture without fail. I was not going to remove any mods that may ultimately screw up with my save, so I found a solution via teleporting. I was able to teleport to the Bee and Barb right above the Riften sewers along with Esbern and two other of my followers (I have UFO and FCO mods enabled). I left the bar and finished off whatever baddies remained in the streets of Riften. Afterwards, I was able to quicktravel to Riverwood to continue with the quest.

I made this post for future reference for anyone who has encountered this bug.

Use the console while in Ragged Flaggon to teleport to the Bee and Barb.

1) Press "~" key
2) Type in the following: coc RiftenBeeandBarb
3) Profit.
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