xMegaman120 2013年12月14日下午1:19
Attention, all modmakers!
Dear, modmakers if you are interested in making an epic dlc-sized mod then tell me, the story of the mod is that the dragonborn is sent to the remote island of Kunjafur (my own island) by the Greybeards because a messenger gave them a note saying "Greybeards, we need you to send the Dragonborn to Kunjafur, an army of dragons has ascended from the sky and are being lead by a corrupted Akatosh. We need your help!" and when the dragonborn reaches Kunjafur he/she finds a destroyed city with only 1 survivor who is going to help the dragonborn on his quest to save Kunjafur. P.S. the rest of the story will be selected from the most awesome suggestion in the comments, and what kind of island will be selected depending on how many choose in the comments, 1. Skyrim like island 2. Cyrodil like island 3.Morrowind like island 4.Shimmering Isles like island 5.Elsweyr like island
I hope everyone takes part in this and when its completed i hope everyone likes the mod!
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Fa Kju Tooh 2013年12月14日下午2:02 
Are you doing the modding yourself or are you expecting other people to do it for you?
xMegaman120 2013年12月14日下午3:10 
Actually, i want to do it my self but my Skyrim CreationKit is not working, everything is blank. P.S. I would like other people to do it if they volunteer.
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xMegaman120 1月9日下午6:12 
okay so i've noticed only one person at this time have replyed so everyone please comment none shall be ignored! and any modder, pro or amature please help me with this task of making an awesome mod to help people enhance their playing experience, besides what else does a modder do anyway. So please at least think about it, and if you want any changes such as me choosing what kinda island it is or just make the rest of the story, let me know! :)
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xMegaman120 1月26日上午9:57 
I have some good news now i can do some modmaking myself now so you guys won't be doing it by yourself! :)
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