The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Kotal Kahn 2013年12月12日上午2:47
Can't play due to crashing
My copy of skyrim crashes on new game, I have deleted all my previous saves thinking they were corrupted because if I loaded a new cell it would crash, now if i start a new game it just crashes, if I remove all my mods I can create a new character, run from Alduin and make it to the end to choose who i go with into Helgen, once I pick, and it goes for either Hadvar or Ralof, entering Helgen crashes the game, I have submitted a tech support, but to avail.

When I validate my files I get the message, "1 file failed to validate and must be re-installed", only it doesn't re-install or install at all.

I have spent the last 2 days uninstalling and re-installing skyrim removing all the files for a clean install, this is not a matter of a bad vid or graphics card, nor a sound issue, I have 200 hours unhindered from crashing until now, when I check my file directory all the files needed to play skyrim are there, all the .ini, prefs, data files, meshes, textures, you get the point, so what is it that is making the game not run correctly?
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DIENER 2013年12月12日上午2:52 
Did you remove the Skyrim folder that hold your configs in 'Documents\My Games\Skyrim' ?
Excusebouts 2013年12月12日上午2:54 
Mine doesn't crash !
Kotal Kahn 2013年12月12日上午3:04 
@DIENER, is that the default location or where you put it? my skyrim is listed under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim
Kotal Kahn 2013年12月12日上午3:08 
i did do a quick search for config to find it, and all that came up was cbbe bodyslde, bodyslide/nifcleaner and textblends, all are caliente only, nothing else, and that might be the issue, but now how do i get the other configs back that i might be missing?
DIENER 2013年12月12日上午3:10 
That is the standard config location for everyone.

This is the full location path. ([User] is your user account)
C:\Users\[User]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim
maidofmanynames 2013年12月12日上午3:14 
Have you done a BOSS run through? That will check if your load order is correct. With all the installing, uninstalling etc. it's possible that something was knocked out proper order. If you don't already, you should always use BOSS after you install or uninstall a mod.

Another possibility is that one or more of the mods you were using are no longer on the Workshop. Quite a few mods have moved for a variety of reasons and even thought they are no longer there and supported the game will still try to load them. It would also be a good thing to check that the mods you've unsubscribed to are unticked and preferably deleted in the load menu.

If that doesn't fix it, you might want to check the pinned help and fixes thread. That will detail how to keep Skyrim in tip top shape and introduce you to othe programs like TS5Edit and WyreBash.
Kotal Kahn 2013年12月12日上午3:15 
i have the 2 skyrim and skyrimprefs, configuration settings, if that is what you are talking about. but other than that, just auto save .ess.bak files and my skse files.
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Kotal Kahn 2013年12月12日上午3:17 
@maidofmanynames, i do not have BOSS, i tried downloading it, but the it made my brain hurt with the way the author has the setup for installation. will give it another go for it though if it will fix the issue.
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Kotal Kahn 2013年12月12日上午3:24 
As far as workshop mods i have both of the Bass Cannon mods, Contractor armor, Dark Legion's Edge, Dragonbone Ebonsteel, and the Dragonbone weapon pack(complete), the Bandolier pouch mod, reduced greeting distance, flavored reskins, SkyUI, Stranger Danger, Dragonbone Katanas, and Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor.
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maidofmanynames 2013年12月12日上午3:46 
Go get BOSS in the executable form. With all those mods you really need it and it's not that hard to install. Also, is your SKSE up to date?
Kotal Kahn 2013年12月12日上午3:48 
SKSE should be up to date, i check for update everyday.
maidofmanynames 2013年12月12日上午3:50 
Then BOSS your game and read about TS5Edit and Wyrebash. Not sure what else to suggest.
Kotal Kahn 2013年12月12日上午3:55 
well im trying a full clean uninstall, i just deleted everything, and im about to restart my computer, once i do im going to run a vanilla test to see if it works, and if it does then ill try again with my mods, and hopfully it works.
my game has been doing the same thing, i have boss nd ts5edit, but idk how to check my SKSE and i deleted a bunch of mods that i wasnt using and it still crashes, every time i start a new save a notification will pop up in game saying SKSE isnt up too date or something along those lines, how do i check my SKSE???
Kotal Kahn 2013年12月12日上午6:37 
to check your skse in game, is you need to hit ~ then type getskseversion
or whatever you have set to open your console
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