Balou Sep 4 @ 9:26am
Fix for hotkey dual weapons?
Hey there,

I've been playing Skyrim for a while now. I've started playing as an assasin with bow and 1h swords.

I used two vanilla swords without improving them on the grindstone, i have hotkeyed them to keyboard number 2. When I press the number 2 key two times , the game equips my 2 swords with no problem.

The problem starts when I improve the 2 swords on the grindstone. The game wont equip the 2 swords. Just one sword, and when i press my hotkey again , the game unequips my sword.
I have to go in the menu to equip my second sword. Also the favorites menu doesnt remember my 2 equiped swords.

I've been searching on the internet for a solution and apparantly this is a common problem with Skyrim since alot of people have this problem.

I tried various mods and Hotkey fixes on Nexus, but they dont work for me.

My question is, does anybody knows a work around or mod to fix this problem.
Or maybe has a different solution?

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Ilja Sep 4 @ 10:24am 
SkyUI has a secondary hotkey system for item sets. They allow setting dual wielded weapons under one key.

SkyUI by SkyUI Team
BloodravenD Sep 4 @ 10:30am 
You could always just label them as favorites and use the favorites menu to equip them.
EbonHawk Sep 4 @ 10:33am 
Instructions for getting SkyUI to save your favorites and keep your dual weapon configs... sorta.

Copy-pasted from previous SkyUI thread:
You have to hilight something in your inventory as a Favorite, then it will show up in the Presets menu. Then, find the item you want to add to a group and select it, then use arrow keys (left/right) to hilight the group you want to add it to, then hit the Use key. It then drops that item into the slot that you picked. Say it was the first preset slot; that's selected by hitting F1 when you want to use them. But, you can get even more technical and click/select that first group, let's say, and you can then select which weapon you want in which hand, and then you can sorta "hard-save" that configuration by hitting the appropriate key (T, for me). It's whatever key you used to recharge items in your inventory.

Just remember, you have to do them in this order:
(In your character's inventory) Set item as a favorite (R for me)
Open the Favorites menu (Q for me)
Select which group type you want to work with using the A & D keys (left & right), or use the mouse to click the group icon
Once you find the item you want to use, hilight it by using W & S (up & down) or hover the mouse over the one you want
Then I think it's the "Group item" key, I believe it's F for me (not on my gaming PC at the moment)
Then using the A & D keys or mouse, select the group you want to add it to, down at the bottom, and I think you have to hit whatever is add to group, or something like that.
Then, you can select the group down at the bottom with the mouse or keyboard, then you should see the new item you just added to it
You can use the Use key (E) or the mouse to make the item readied
and then you should probably save the state (think it's the T key for me; which is the recharge item key). If the State is saved, it'll show a letter over to the right of the active item(s) with the hand they're assigned to.

Here's the other thread, just in case I missed something...
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Balou Sep 4 @ 10:53am 
Thanks alot for the replies, Im trying that SkyUI group thing and that seems to work. Gonna try with that some more.
di eshor ribly Sep 4 @ 10:00pm 
You could also enchant them and name them something different from each other. That's how I used to equip my two enchanted axes, Hack and Slash.
EbonHawk Sep 5 @ 4:37am 
Originally posted by di eshor ribly:
You could also enchant them and name them something different from each other. That's how I used to equip my two enchanted axes, Hack and Slash.
My coffee hasn't kicked in yet... How does naming them something help, other than to make it easier for humans to find their favorite weapons? The hotkey groups will take care of any generically named weapons, or super-special uniquely crafted & named weapons, regardless....
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