paladen 5月14日 12時06分
Am looking for modes that makes my game run smoother and wont crash my computer ?
it would be most appreciated..
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Fayde1 5月14日 12時07分 
what MODS do you already have?
[S.H.] Osiris Drago [S.H.] 5月14日 12時08分 
ALL mods can cause CTD's..... if you have a low end PC (like me) don't add so many mods...
[S.H.] Osiris Drago [S.H.] 5月14日 12時10分 
a texture optimizer btw (downloadable at nexusmods) can do so much, after i add a mod, I run it. It makes all files smaller (compresses them), for me, it works.
Ilja 5月14日 12時17分 
ENBoost would be your number one stop. Remember, that you will have to actually download and work with 2 sets of files: 1 from Nexus and other from authors homepage. It is easy enough. I did it today - again - when I managed to do something very unReflike and mess up my game folder.
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Varth Dader 5月14日 13時10分 
What do you mean? Does the game lag and crash your pc? Try setting your graphics settings lower. Use boosters as mentioned above. If it still lags a lot and crashes, this is your last stop: If it still lags and crashes, I fear your pc can't handle Skyrim.
Fayde1 5月14日 13時14分 
Would frame rate come into this?
Joseph Stalin 5月14日 19時23分 
without going as far as modding, have to toss a plug in for Nvidia experience, it straightened out several of my games. I think I read something about it messing with direct x. Anyway, it worked for me.
paladen 5月16日 23時49分 
Anwers you guys question Am not runing any Mods At the moment . I was just wondering My computer is like 5 years old . when i frist got skyrime 4 year ago my computer could handel it whil having the setting on high then it died out on me 2 years am resort to haveing the setting on Low and it crashes my computer Off and on ...Befor you say anything i want to have my options open .How much i dont want too i dont want to get a new Computer.
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