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robotnist May 14, 2014 @ 3:26am
display driver has stopped responding and has recovered... again and again!!!
its the only game i'm having an issue with. skyrim, one of my faves. its totally ruining my enjoyment to the point that i'm about to give it... its been going on for a year + now... maybe 2...

so heres the deal right now, i will start to play and either 5 min in or 30 min in, (usually never make it to an hour) the screen freezes, then flickers to black, and then flickers again, then crash to desktop and skyrim is gone from my toolbar. i read a bunch of stuff tonight about turning down windows 7 GFX GUI, and only using 4 of the optional like 30 check boxes to simplify.

i even went into regedit to tweak the driver recovery time from the default 2 seconds to 8 seconds. it actually worked once while playing. i could tell the screen froze, flickered black as if changing resolutions or some such, but when it came back to the frozen screen i was able to take control again and no CTD. but it worked ONCE. the game is back to CTD'ing...

liek i've seen this has been going on for a while. it started bac kwhen i had all kinds of crazy mods, and started removing them one by one thinking that was the issue. well long story short, it wasn't the mods. i deleted the skyrim install and all mods and after uninstall deleted the folders and did a fresh install.

i have updated to the latest nvidia drivers 337.50. clean install.

heres my PC-
i5 @2300 2.8GHz
12 gigs of ram
nvidia geforce 550ti (not the best card but i can run all my new games at near max @ around 30FPS)
currently playing these games with no issues- ESO, witcher 2, tomb raider, bioshock infinite and i have NO issues at all!!!!

skyrim has always been weird for me. i did look up what the best order is to set the data files in, and realized by seeing others lists that i don't have a "skyrim.esm".

i have all the DLC for skyrim, dawnguard, hearth fires, dragonborn, i have the 3 high res texture data files installed and i use just one mod "realistic map + road"...

funny, as i type that i realize that could be the one glaring issue here, and it would be the common denominator between my old skyrim install and the new install... lol

sorry for super long post,
someone please help me out here,
i'm having an elder scrolls renaissance right now with morrowind/oblivion/skyrim and ESO installed and this skyrim thing is totally crushing my nerdjoy.

thanks, cheers!
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cheshirm May 14, 2014 @ 6:15am 
I have an nvidia 560 card and this crash has occurred on every driver since 314.22. I too have tried everything posted on the NVidia forums to no avail. The crashing was occurring on other games/Adobe flash but only on this game using the 335.23 driver. in my case, I either reload the 314.22 driver or live with the occasional crashing. Other than buying a new video card, I dont believe there is a fix.
TapfererToaster May 14, 2014 @ 6:56am 
I had and have this error too once in a while.
Nowadays its only every few weeks but before i changed graphic cards, i had this problem everyday.
I had a GTX660 OC and after a few mins. the game would crash. But i had it with other "resource hungry" games too.
At first, i was able to "fix" those crashes by reducing my Graphiccards "Core Clock (MHz) & Memory Clock (MHz)" by around 15-25 MHz with MSI Afterburner.
This stopped the games from Crashing for ~ a year.
Later even that didn't help tho and i had to buy a new Card. (2 weeks after getting a new cooler for it D: )
jakethebusker May 14, 2014 @ 7:19am 
Just my tuppence hal' penny for what it's worth:--

The 335 drivers by Nvidia are pretty terrible. The 337.50 (beta drivers) are a bit more secure and have performance boosts in certain games. My missus and I were running into issues on our GTX560ti's and I had a couple of drop outs with the new 780ti I now have on the 335 (official release) drivers. I have had fewer issues with the beta drivers on the 780 but I can't tell you if it's going to be beneficial to you on any other cards (4xx/5xx/6xx). It's worth having a look at it and if you use the geforce experience to keep your drivers up to date you can opt into having the beta drivers. (for me it's better with the beta, but performance increases will vary from machine to machine).

Just please bare in mind that there's going to be a new official driver coming out soon which is optimised for Watch Dogs as there is Nvidia hardware specific effects like TXAA and HBAO employed in the game. So expect an official new driver update in the next 14 - 21 days given that Watch Dogs has May 27th release date.
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robotnist May 14, 2014 @ 8:28pm 
thanks for your tips guys, im going to tool around with the drivers and tweak some settings. i will post any news or info that might be brought to light, cheers!!!
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