Urist Mchappythecow May 13 @ 1:35am
switching the kids room in breezehome for the alchemy set
I am trying to find a may of removing the childrens bedroom from breezehome and getting the alchemy set back with out removing hearthfire all together
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Foxlater May 13 @ 2:03am 
just talk with proventus on dragonsreach in and ask him to change the room, just need of the gold to do this
Urist Mchappythecow May 13 @ 4:23am 
its the first thing i did but there is no option for it
SpeedFreak May 13 @ 5:06am 
Another possibility is a house mod that adapt breezehome btw IF you do that clear out your house first.
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Ilja May 13 @ 5:51am 
Proventus would be the proper person to speak. Are you using Unofficial Patches? This might have been fixed in Hearthfire patch.

That said, I do use all patches, but latest Breezehome upgrade still gave me a bit of trouble. Some of the upgrades I had bought didn't appear. I had to reload a previous save for that.
Urist Mchappythecow May 13 @ 6:20am 
yea so i have all the unoffcial patches up to date and its because i want to use breezehome fully upgradeable but since i upgraded before installing the mod it gives me the ♥♥♥♥ty kids room even after i "removed" the child (muhahahaha). I've looked for resetting mods even tried using the console to try to reset the house but alas no luck.
Zefram Cochrane May 13 @ 3:07pm 
Talk to Proventus (or Brill). If you bought the bedroom upgrade recently wait a number of hours before you return then it should become available.
di eshor ribly May 13 @ 4:07pm 
You should try moving your spouse/children to another house as well, if there is a child "using" the bedroom you won't be able to switch it out.
Urist Mchappythecow May 13 @ 6:40pm 
there is no one there except for me as i dont have the child any more and lydia is in riften till i get this stuff sorted out but yea i bought the upgrades about 3 weeks ago when i started a new game any proventus have nothing in any of his dialog options for changing it back
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