jaderive May 11 @ 8:16pm
Erm Cant get into Breezehome with Bert's Home mod
I hunted around on NMM comunity page for other breeze home mobs and instead I downloaded Berts breezehome and all others with it that was part of the incuded upgrade, but now i cant even open the door with the key and had just completed the quest to get the key from yarl and steward after buying his things and having the key i get to the door complete unlock and cant use key or get in after that o.O .... not my day or lucky with mods, berts one i install was called berts breezehome remodeled 2_1 final-8922-final-2-1
I did watch the you tube of the mod which made me want to donwload it, and read the desc info, and in it they say, " To gain acces to the house you must first complete a small quest to obtain the key, the quest itself is not finished yet, but the story that goes with the new house needs it. It will be updated in the not-too-distant future." but i have the key and completed unlock n still cant get in , I dont what im still doing wrong with mod, its a really aweom mod, but im missing something i guess to get in my home ?? o.O this is the link to berts home mod

link to berticus0001 breeze home mod
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jaderive May 11 @ 8:41pm 
What I tried, I use NMM , so i deactivated all berts mods i download then went back in and could get into my home, with the key, then went in and out my front door all fine, went back out of the game, re activated the mod and and went back n suddenly again i cant go back in thru the door, previously i had told lucia who i had not long adopted to play outside while i trying get this mod work right for me and had lydia follow me as well so neither of them would get possilby stuck o.o .... ???? ./shrugs this is a reallly great mod, i iust dont know what im doing wrong atm "scratches head "
Alkpaz May 11 @ 8:41pm 
Any mod that changes breezehome is a bad idea, at least in the past it was, and apparently it still is.
jaderive May 11 @ 8:42pm 
Ive also sent a pm to bert from nmm community, but he's a very busy guy , and will try n get to my pm once he's able to
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