⌐╦╦═─ Dark Blue May 11 @ 11:59am
vampire problems
i don't if its from a mod but i now have the blood of a vapire and i don't have dawngaurd
the only thing i think it could be is the latest mod i installed wich is midas magic
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⌐╦╦═─ Dark Blue May 11 @ 12:04pm 
would it be if i absoubed health
Trigger May 11 @ 12:23pm 
2 down from play is DATA FILE-open it and tell me what is listed there
Trigger May 11 @ 12:27pm 
About a year ago or so Steam made a mistake and gave everyone who didn't have DAWNGUARD a free copy and you might have been blessed with a free Dawnguard
Zantestuken May 11 @ 1:03pm 
Nice I didnt new that ^^
⌐╦╦═─ Dark Blue May 11 @ 1:08pm 
i know becuse i got hit by a vampirre and got dissisre and know i have to feed to cure it
or become a werewolf
gnewna May 11 @ 1:45pm 
Well, that's in the vanilla game, then. Feeding won't cure you, although you will probably have to feed to be able to get cured as it requires talking to someone (unless you have Dawnguard).
Trigger May 11 @ 1:48pm 
Ask barkeeps about rumors, what your looking for is the dialogue that tells of a guy in Morthal who can cure vampy disease, you need a full BLACK SOUL gem for the cure
⌐╦╦═─ Dark Blue May 12 @ 7:35am 
well i know who the guy is and i went to see him without the barkeeps and he did say any thing
about curing. unless asking opens up the diloge
wowszer May 12 @ 8:13am 
The barkeep opens the quest, without the quest all you can do issay hi, lol.
⌐╦╦═─ Dark Blue May 12 @ 8:15am 
i can't talk to the barkeep becuse he wants to kill me
gnewna May 12 @ 8:37am 
See my previous post, you have to feed to talk to anyone now.
⌐╦╦═─ Dark Blue May 12 @ 9:27am 
i got rid of it using consol commands showracemenu and it got rid of it
⌐╦╦═─ Dark Blue May 12 @ 9:27am 
thx for all your help steam community
Mikstejp May 12 @ 10:16am 
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