King Thorin Oakenshield 2014年5月11日上午8:05
Hi everyone, when I'm playing Skyrim I have something going on with shadows. Every moment I move shadows drastically change in size and move randomly making my game look odd and unrealistic. However whenever I stand still everything seems fine. Is there any way to make this go away, or make shadows look good. It will not work with mods since if tried some mods for shadows but it will not work if not for interiors!!! I really need help since I am planning on making some Let's PLay Videos for Youtube!!!!

Thanks for everything

Mr. Dwarf XD
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TiltedDomino 2014年5月11日上午9:33 
It may be an issue with lighting mods, that's the main thing I can think of. Other than that it might be texture mods, but I highly doubt that considering most don't play with shadows. You also might have left over scripts from older, uninstalled mods.
King Thorin Oakenshield 2014年5月11日上午9:46 
so do you think i should make videos without external shadows?? do you think people will mind if they see that in the videos??
TiltedDomino 2014年5月11日上午9:48 
I can't really help you there, seeing as I don't make videos very often, but I'm sure it will be fine as long as the Let's Play is enteraining.
ρоѕιтяои_ 2014年5月11日上午10:23 
You should give this a try "INSS Improved New Skyrim Shadows for Ultra Settings"... It's not a mod but a set of ini tweaks for improving the shadows in your game. There are different versions to choose from depending on how strong your system is.
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King Thorin Oakenshield 2014年5月11日上午10:48 
thanks mate i will as soon as possible :P hope it works and if it does ill find you and ill kiss you (no homo) XD
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ρоѕιтяои_ 2014年5月11日上午11:41 
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