Trigger May 10 @ 8:10pm
Character dialogue
If you could use the Console command thingy, to add a line of dialogue to your character what would that dialogue be: My character would say something like- GUARDs he stole my sweetrolls.
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Welcome, Dragonborn.
Fayde1 May 11 @ 12:23am 
How's the knee?
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] May 11 @ 12:05pm 
I do live here, officer, honest! :3

I - er, I'm a very messy Khajiit, I um, need to tidy up <fake yawn> Oh I really should taka a nap, goodbye :P
bigwhitehound May 11 @ 1:34pm 
Well the mod "Guard Dialogue Overhaul" Is really good for fixing the brain damaged guards.
As for lines I'd like to add.
"Lydia sneak attacks, have you heard of them???"
To Nazeem: "Yes I do get to the Cloud District often, YOU ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!"
To my wife: " Hello honey how was your day?"
BelphegorATS May 13 @ 6:17am 
If my Skyrim characters could speak, I think it would be interesting if their dialogue went along with the game and what all the NPCs talk about.
Fayde1 May 13 @ 10:33am's behind me... isn't it...
BelphegorATS May 13 @ 11:09am 
Originally posted by Fayde1:'s behind me... isn't it...

Whatever it is, it knows you posted this.
supermegasupermega May 13 @ 11:26am 
If you don't get out of the doorway you are going to get an arrow to the knee!
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