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creation kit question
what do i have to do to make the creation kit let me select like a specific armor or clothes from a mod as a new companion/follower default outfit, like for example a red bikini on a new female i am trying to do?
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take a look at an actor...companion/follower - and take it from there. It explains how to equip the actor's (companion's) apparel in their inventory..

Once you have read up on this, then you should have more of an idea to answer your own question :)

You have to be adept in this area of expertise.... not anyone can have the attention span to do this simple thing.
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ZodiacDragonStar May 6, 2014 @ 2:38pm 
um i did read it multiple tim es, andwhat i am asking is do i need to have a mod checked to have the creation kit be able to have the content in the inventory tab default outfit tab.
Common sense tells me, yes. Otherwise, you can't do it >.<
If you are wanting to give your follower a red Bikini from a mod.... load up the mod (and it's respective parent file/s, noted on right hand side when mod is highlighted in creation kit plug-in loading window).

Then you could change the Armour rating value to a higher one, so that the follower will automatically wear that over the other current Armour. That would be an easier solution. Give it a try, and best of luck!
ZodiacDragonStar May 6, 2014 @ 11:02pm 
thanks i'll keep trying
once mod is loaded, look in Armour > then you will not know the file name, but it should be something relevant. It also will be a unique name made by the author. Just keep looking in the list of Armours. It might be in apparel. you'll find it. This is where you then right click on it and select EDIT. The editing window loads, and you then simply change the Armour rating to one higher than what the follower's current or subsequent armour ratings are / will be.

Once you save the Armour AS THE SAME FILE NAME (ID), then it should then be ready to insert into the Actor's inventory; by way of looking for the Actor in 'actors'. I think you mentioned you know how to get to actor's inv.. Okay, well best of luck! :D
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ZodiacDragonStar May 10, 2014 @ 11:20am 
ok i can somewhat makea follower, just need the location in the editor for the hunter's camp hot springs so i can try to put them there. do you know where in editor it is or what it is called?
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