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coolguywithhat 3 mag, ore 19:53
save from one computer to another
im getting a new computer and i was wendering, if i start a game on one computer, will the save go to a cloud thing and i can use the same save on my new computer.
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Caboose 3 mag, ore 20:02 
Yes it will. I believe you only have something like 200mb for the games cloud though, I could be off on the numbers. But if you have numerous saves you might not see your newest on your new computer. If that happens delete some of your older saves you no longer need and you should be fine.
coolguywithhat 3 mag, ore 20:09 
Zefram Cochrane 4 mag, ore 12:14 
Yes, I use a USB stick myself.
SpeedFreak 4 mag, ore 12:27 
No problems if it was a problem why are there that many saves on the nexus?
Uncle64[SwE] 4 mag, ore 12:59 
Your saves are in your documents map, cant be any problem to get them to one new Pc.
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