HAM May 3 @ 11:34am
Curse of Azura. Solved
So in Skyrim, i've contracted this "curse", and the funny thing is, there's absolutely not a single clue in the internet about this. Anyone know what's up with this and how can i cure it? Is it some mod's doing or the vanilla game? http://imgur.com/YXpoub3

EDIT> It's from a mod called moon and star, caused by killing nerevarine. Unless you saved before killing him your health and speech are f*cked for goood
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Trigger May 3 @ 12:44pm 
Has to be from a mod, as i've never heard of CURSE OF AZURA, in the vanilla game
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john969123641036 May 3 @ 2:14pm 
That really weird cause i contracted Homecooked Meal and that reduced my health and stamina but it overpowered my weapons insainly, it says for 10mins but the timer got stuck, I reloaded to a earlier save and tryed to back track my movements but i couldn`t find it.

I wonder if these are extras in the patch
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