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Game Maniac May 1, 2014 @ 6:15pm
how to solve this dilemma
Is seems most RPG games have this dilemma when you need to make a decision. In order to make the character most powerful, there is usually only one way for your decision making.

E.g. In skyrim, being an assassin w/ specific alchemy, enchantment, smithing, sneak, archery and dagger perks seems to be the easiest way to go through the game, and there are certain sides u need to pick to make u stronger. But how could u know all these w/o checking the wiki or UESP the first time u play it? And do u always feel comfortable w/ ur decision? I originally like to be a destruction mage, but it doesn't work in the later stage, even with that magic balanced mod. So I have to choose to be a melee/sneak oriented type.

I have to check out game wikis frequently and even make decisions I don't truely like to make my character more powerful in skyrim, fallout 2, 3, nv, oblivion or whatever games w/ RPG element. Starting it over gives u a second/third/xx chance but the overall plot is much less attractive than the first time. I don't like spoilers from game wikis nor to be forced to make an optimal decision and it makes me feel the game is playing with me other than being a role player.

Some gamers might share the same feeling with me, but it there a solution to this dilemma?
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Avatar May 1, 2014 @ 7:28pm 
The best way to avoid that problem is to stop thinking about a game in terms of stats and "right" or "wrong" decisions and just play it as a pure role playing game at least the first time.

For myself I just play the game the first time with no spoilers from the wiki. When I start thinking about a game in terms of stats I find it takes all the fun away for me. I guess another way to put it is I like to play it however I think my character would do things in game, IE role playing it.

The first time I played for example I was not able to get all the Daedric artifacts since I was playing a good character so refused to do the evil tasks involved and I destroyed the Dark Brotherhood. I don't look back and question my decisions either since I never based them on what makes me more powerful but rather on what my character should do. I don't care if a good character might not get a powerful Daedric weapon or not, no one ever said being good in cretin games is easy.

I will check out the wiki only after I play any game to some kind of a finishing point but never before. It is the same reason I never bought any of the guides made for games before the Internet, I want to be surprised and learn from my mistakes. That is one advantage of buying a game on day 1 is that the wiki have not been written yet so the temptation isn't there to do it. I guess for me having fun is way more important then having the best stats.

I agree that magic is messed up at higher levels unless you either use mods or reduce the difficulty, and it is why I decided to make my own master level spells in my mod. If you really want to play as a mage the spells I made will allow you to be as powerful as any thief or warrior character even when playing on Legendary. Feel free to check them out if you want to.

If you have all the DLC you can try this version:
If you do not have any DLC you can try this version:
If you like to use Nexus all the version are on this page here:
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Incunabulum May 1, 2014 @ 9:13pm 
Another way to avoid that dilemna is to realize that ;most powerful' in Skyrim is already overpowered. There are tons of builds that are viable late-game without need to min-max to perfection.

The enemies stop increasing in power long before you do.

Oh, and don't use magic for straight damage dealing - magic, here, provides a playstyle beyond straight 'burn 'em until they stop twitching'. Use paralysis, invisibility, and rage effects to get your enemies to fight themselves, for example.

And they need to bring back meaningful Speechcraft checks beyond this 'ohh merchants will give you a little more of the gold you're already drowning in' with high speechcraft skills. But that would mean adding in the ability to 'fail' quests and not be able to do everything in a single playthrough.
crapmonster May 2, 2014 @ 12:59am 
There is no level cap anymore so worrying about builds is kind of pointless as you can eventually max out every skill and perk.
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