metehan.demi May 1 @ 4:27pm
cheat or mod
is there like a cheatt or something to discover everything so i can fast travel to places i've never been before?
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minoravatar May 1 @ 4:36pm 
You can use this console command.
This will unlock everything.
If you want to unlock everything on the map but still have to discover the places so you can get the achievement use this one
TMM 1,0,1
metehan.demi May 1 @ 5:53pm 
so i just write TMM 1 and everything unlocks?
minoravatar May 1 @ 6:43pm 
Originally posted by metehan.demi:
so i just write TMM 1 and everything unlocks?
metehan.demi May 1 @ 6:52pm 
thanks now i don't need walk a lot :p
Zefram Cochrane May 1 @ 7:07pm 
Just hire a carriage you cheapskate :P
INSANE May 1 @ 7:12pm 
You'll be missing out on a lot... Exploration is a huge part of the game.
metehan.demi May 4 @ 7:46am 
when i shoot with a bow can i press something so it goes on slowmotion?
metehan.demi May 4 @ 7:47am 
or can i zoom in or something like that?
la_nague May 4 @ 8:51am 
yes, you need the talents in the archery tree for that.
metehan.demi May 4 @ 11:13am 
ooow okay thanks
Payday May 4 @ 8:53pm 
metehan.demi May 4 @ 9:33pm 
dallas turkish?
jaderive May 4 @ 10:10pm 
Each to their own i guess, even tho the game allows for consol commands, I find it takes the fun factor out of the game, o.O , as for walking everywhere or running rather, u have cariages that take most places, and its nice exp to discover area's yoursself, and when u buy a house or visit a yarls place there's maps on tables u can click on to update your maps, and once discovered then your fast travel anywhere ^^
metehan.demi May 4 @ 10:12pm 
im just doin this for now when im done playing he story modoe im gonna start over and train smithing and stuff like that gonna play honest now i have like 25milion golds and 1million lock picks :p just wanna know the story so i have no trouble diong it when i play it over :p
metehan.demi May 5 @ 8:57am 
what do i write so i can fly?
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