Jaaakk Apr 24 @ 10:58pm
High Res texture pack
Hi. I'm not sure if I'm missing something but after doing the download/subcribe thing with the High Res pack I'm not really noticing much difference, if any. My machine's spec is pretty nice so I can run everything maxed out anyway. Could this actually be killing the impact of the HR pack maybe??

When I look at the screen shots on the HR page, they seem much better than what I'm seeing on screen?

(4770K Haswell, 16GB RAM, ASUS GTX 780)

Do I have to enable something after the pack downloads?....

Thanks for your help.
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grimus Apr 25 @ 1:18am 
load order from the DATA section from the game's splash screen: dawnguard, hearthfires, dragonborn, HR textures 1, 2, 3? All the boxes ticked? If so then its working and is good as it gets unless you download further texture mods from Workshop or Nexus. I suppose you could verify the game cache just to make sure everything downloaded correctly. Right click game from Steat Library. click Properties, click Local Files, click Verify.
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crapmonster Apr 25 @ 1:31am 
The Official highres pack isn't all that great anyways. Personally I run this instead:
Jaaakk Apr 25 @ 11:33pm 
Thanks guys... ;)
Alkpaz Apr 26 @ 12:00am 
Skyrim HD 2K is better than the High-Rez DLC, which btw, is also 2K texture, but horrible lookin. :P Some 2K textures in the HD mod can be improved or reduced.. such as roofs, unless you intend on staring at the roofs.. :P a 512 texture for a roof shingle is fine... I don't go roof jumpin much so I could care less how it looks up close. Example:


Personalizing your Skyrim like that is kinda not recommended unless you REALLY want to do it.. since whiterun has its own texture grouping, I have everything I replaced/added backed up.

Farmhouses n other things out in the "wild" use the main texture/mesh grouping.. so if you change one farmhouse, you change them all.
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