_LAEK_ Apr 22 @ 8:39pm
Saw headless horseman.
I went to talk to the ghostly thing, but then a dragon came and scared it off, so I want to know. If/ can you talk to it? If so, does it activate a quest? If so of what kind?
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If you actually follow him there is a small battle at the site he goes to. I for some reason can't remember if there is a convo or not. I would venture to say there was. I think it is finally bed time for me.
Incunabulum Apr 22 @ 9:11pm 
No convo, no quest. He will speak, just not *to* you or acknowledge you.

He runs a route that ends a a small cemetary near where you do one of the first missions for the Companions.

No, its not a reference to Sleepy Hollow.
No, its not Ragnar the Red.
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