chrissinc Apr 22 @ 5:22pm
graphics help
Hey guys so i just purchased this for my pc and i am starting it up and it auto detects my hardwarre and tells me i should be playing on low settings. i have a laptop with a 750m gpu 4th gen i-7 cpu and 8gbs of ram. should i be abe to up my graphics. thanks for the tips!
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grimus Apr 22 @ 5:34pm 
Verify your game cache and let the game auto detect your setting, then head over to this thread:
Verifying Game Cache:
DiplexR XVI Apr 22 @ 5:44pm 
Your hardware should be good enough to run Skyrim on all high. Make sure on the options it shows that its using the Nvidia 750m. Also at the options, you can click "Advanced" to see more graphics settings that you can change. You also might want to google SkyrimPref.ini file if you want to configure more
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KillerWildcat X Apr 22 @ 6:32pm 
Run that ♥♥♥♥♥ on extreme mode!!!
TiltedDomino Apr 22 @ 8:59pm 
It always sets me on low, but then I set it to Ultra and run it with decet frames along side 60+ mods.
iTh3Crazedi Apr 22 @ 10:04pm 
Ha, yeah it does that. You will be perfectly fine on high+
GrumpyGrizzley907 Apr 23 @ 1:10am 
check your GHZ on your i7 processor. if it is below 2.0GHz, do not use the highest settings.
WALKaBOUT Apr 24 @ 12:09am 
if you want it to play you will have to go biger like AMD Six prosser
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