BitPlusGaming Apr 20 @ 6:42pm
CLOSED Dawnguard DLC or Morrowind.... game?
Hello! I have some money to spend on a game and came to two things, the Dawnguard DLC and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. These are both great I have heard but cannot seem to decide between the two. Please help.

UPDATE: I decided on Dawnguard, I took in the information and decided that from what i've heard that I should get Dawnguard. Thank you for your information.
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Caboose Apr 20 @ 6:43pm 
FlashBurn Apr 20 @ 7:03pm 
Morrowind is solid but the combat system of skyrim is better. How about both?
BitPlusGaming Apr 20 @ 7:03pm 
@FlashBurn Only have 20$ :/
Caboose Apr 20 @ 7:05pm 
Morrowind is still my favorite Elder Scrolls game by far. Plus with the awesome Skywind Mod in development, you'll need to have both Morrowind and Skyrim to play it if you're ever interested.
FlashBurn Apr 20 @ 7:14pm 
You will get more play time in morrowind. If you are trying to kill 80 hours morrowind. Dawnguard in and of itself is ok in my book. Its nice with a new start and a decent way to skip crap you dont want to redo in main game. Talking about getting leveled up. If you really REALLY like skyrim might be better to stick with it. But morrowind is a classic. Flip a coin or decide on how much time you want to kill.
BitPlusGaming Apr 20 @ 7:16pm 
@FlashBurn good idea
Sozzi Apr 20 @ 8:12pm 
I'd say morrowind. personally, its my favorite entry of the series despite the obvious flaws (decade old visuals, very simplistic combat system that works like roling a die DnD style). the skywind mod project has me excited however. it is basically morrowind running on the skyrim engine, with fresh everything. its a community driven project that does all new textures for the game, new voice acting, and trying to keep the game as close to original as possible.
lpeter7="master guns" Apr 20 @ 8:29pm 
i suggest morrowind but it's purely a matter of perspective. and here's a heads up the game won't run sometimes so if you have a windows 7 play on that. 8 and further choke on it.
BitPlusGaming Apr 20 @ 8:30pm 
@Ipeters7 I have Windows 8.1... well I guess that means Dawnguard?
SgtLlama Apr 20 @ 8:36pm 
Wait for the Steam Summer Sale, only in like a copule months! Get both!! :D

...for like a total of $10?
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lpeter7="master guns" Apr 20 @ 8:37pm 
not sure i haven't really played dawn guard in a long time sense i upgraded. but there's a first time for everything so it might work maybe not. kind of a gamble
BitPlusGaming Apr 20 @ 9:04pm 
@SgtLlama If that happens i can get Dawnguard now, complete it fully, then get Morrowind...
Darkman Apr 20 @ 9:44pm 
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BrigadierBill Apr 20 @ 11:51pm 
Morrowind is awesome.
ŜԵëдಊ-ing passion Apr 21 @ 12:25am 
Morrowind, you can just get the graphics mod collection, and that makes it very beutiful aswell as bieng the best elderscrolls game, and if you got any problems with the gamplay, MODS!
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