xT| Hetzer Apr 18 @ 7:03am
Issue concerning item codes
I attempted to add a Blacksmith's Elixir to my inventory today using the item code 00039967 as it says on the wiki.
Instead of a Blacksmith's Elixir, though, i received a Night vision IV potion.

What the hell? There isn´t even a night vision potion in this game. I checked my mods to see if any mod might have added new potions and replaced the item codes, but that is not the case.
Trying to add the lesser blacksmith potions to my inventory only leaves me with lesser night vision potions.
What is going on?
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Human error got the codes wrong maybe?
Wiki's or yours.
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xT| Hetzer Apr 18 @ 7:26am 
Plausible, that's why i double-triple rechecked my input and checked three different websites for the item code.
gnewna Apr 18 @ 7:32am 
You're running SkyRe, I'm guessing? SkyRe removes the the fortify smithing/enchanting potion effects from the game, and a couple of others, I think. Not sure if it applies to the enchantments of fortify alchemy/smithing as well, but I've been using SkyRe for quite a while and come to think of it, neither of my characters I played it with for a fairly long time found any fortify smithing/alchemy gear.
xT| Hetzer Apr 18 @ 7:36am 
That was it! Thanks a lot.
gnewna Apr 18 @ 7:48am 
No worries! I have a feeling, by the way, that some of the SkyRe replacement potions are a little buggy, so it might be as well to save before taking anything with an effect of... I think it's 'night vision', 'slow time', 'ranger's swiftness' and there might be another one. I'm pretty sure I've used the last one with no issues, but I've heard other people talking about MAJOR problems with the 'slow time' potions, I'm not sure if those have been fixed or not.
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