HylianArgonian 18. Apr. 2014 um 3:07 Uhr
Any ways to harvest Frostbite Venom really quickly?
Hi people, a while ago I threw away all my Frostbite Venom because it was inexpensive, didn't do anything and just sat in my inventory or chests at home. However after getting the Bandolier mod today, I realised my mistake. So...where are some good places where I can harvest or purchase Frostbite Venom in bulk? Thanks.
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BelphegorATS 18. Apr. 2014 um 3:16 Uhr 
The best way to acquire the venom is by slaying Frostbite Spiders. It might also be available in apothecaries and maybe some general stores, though vendors may not sell it sometimes since their inventories are generated at random.
HylianArgonian 18. Apr. 2014 um 3:18 Uhr 
I'm aware you have to kill spiders to get the venom. I'm saying, where are hordes and hordes of spiders I could kill to acquire said venom?
John :: Happy Monocle 18. Apr. 2014 um 3:32 Uhr 
There must be a mod that increases the spawn of spiders or at least has a load of locations with various poisons in them. :o I tend to find ♥♥♥♥ loads of them east of whiterun.
BelphegorATS 18. Apr. 2014 um 3:35 Uhr 
There is a vanilla dungeon located in the Reach where you can acquire the venom in bulk from Frostbite Spiders. I don't remember the dungeon's name, but I believe it's located in the Reach.
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 18. Apr. 2014 um 3:45 Uhr 
enter the spawn command for Frostbite spiders and erm...go knock yourself out :3

google: console commands Skyrim, Frostbite Spider.
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istvan_v 18. Apr. 2014 um 5:18 Uhr 
If you do not specifically need the frostbite venom for some reason, better poisons can be crafted from some common ingredients, for example:
- imp stool (there are plenty of it in White River Watch, a cave near Whiterun) for damage health, lingering damage health, and paralysis
- crimson nirnroot (only found in Blackreach, but there are dozens there, and they respawn) for strong damage health
- deathbell (you can collect a lot in the swamps near Morthal) for not as good, but still better than average damage health, and other effects like slow and weakness to poison
- canis root (common in the rocky areas around Riften, a few can also be found in the Morthal swamps) for paralysis
- mora tapinella (can be found pretty much everywhere on dead trees) for lingering damage health
- swamp fungal pod (plentiful around Morthal) for paralysis - imp stool is better because of its additional damage effects; also, imp stool + swamp fungal pod has restoration side-effect, so one ingredient should be canis root
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gnewna 18. Apr. 2014 um 5:33 Uhr 
There are a few in the mine at Shor's Stone if you haven't cleared it already. N'chuand-Zel under Markarth has some. Movarth's Lair has a couple.
Kelvy 18. Apr. 2014 um 5:45 Uhr 
Thamer have better poison, drains health quickly.
Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 18. Apr. 2014 um 7:57 Uhr 
I just use a little spit and it does the trick.
dabstab 18. Apr. 2014 um 8:04 Uhr 
Or u could open the console and type
"help venom"
then "player.additem <frostbitevenomid> <amount>"
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