Someone 2014年4月15日上午7:47
Problem with skyrim closing
i play it normally , but if i minimize it more than 3 times, when i try to open it it automatically closes (i do not minimize because i want, but my windows is ALWAYS sending me messages to activate it) anyone with this problem too?
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Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 2014年4月15日上午9:42 
Turn off windows auto update.
Ilja 2014年4月15日上午10:09 
Activate what? Skyrim or Windows?
And in either case, exactly why it is doing so?
最后由 Ilja 编辑于; 2014年4月15日上午10:10
Someone 2014年4月15日下午1:16 
well, my windows is not actually original, so it asks me to get a key and activate it, and Hamsterbytes how do i unactivate it?
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