Omega Dan Apr 14 @ 11:16pm
doing a full blown location by location walkthrough
Now, allow me to explain.
Most people have already played through every dungeon or explorable area in skyrim, my aim is to do it all in a single playthrough, this means that i'm going to go in and play skyrim on adept difficulty, and every time I discover a new location on the map, i'm going to record as I delve into it.
for the sake of maintaining this as an educational and/or instructional walkthrough, the character is the nord base who wears iron armor, his name is dovahkiin, the same as the front cover character.
Playstyle is nothing special, I'll likely multiperk, meaning that i'll put one into every low tier tree, focusing on offensive skills and survivability.
the aim here isn't to go "let's see if I can get the best character" the aim of this series is to explore every single location that skyrim has to offer, including ones that require story progression.
It's titled "dungeons of skyrim" and is exactly what it is, a walkthrough of each dungeon.
Naturally, as this series only exists to showcase skyrim's areas, i'd like any pointers from you or my general audience on things I might miss, or secrets I've not yet discovered.
This is also going to take a long, long time to make. there are a ton of locations in this game, some with high level encounters that require me to grind a bit or take time to enhance a certain perk tree.
It's my hope to start with vanilla first, as it takes up the largest chunk of the game. then i'll work my way through dawnguard content, then finally i'll make sure to fully explore all of the dragonborn content too.
this isn't exactly a walkthrough, i'm not doing this to detail story progression, this is about exploring the areas, the environments, and just each dungeon or pit, cavern, plane of oblivion, etc, etc that I can.
Thank you for your consideration.
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Stryder XCVI Apr 15 @ 12:42am 
I'm currently watching the videos as we speak, and I have just subscribed. I love this idea! May I ask with what you record? When I try to record I get extreme frame rate lag on no matter what game I play :/.
Omega Dan Apr 15 @ 2:23am 
Msi afterburner here. then I have to process the videos with movie maker, which can take a while. =/
Omega Dan Apr 15 @ 2:24am 
Bear in mind, I die a lot in these early levels. some parts of the game like to throw unfair challenges at you, so most of what I've been doing is perk balancing. I chose wisely when I decided to stick with the nord, as that war cry ability is good for tight spots.
Omega Dan Apr 15 @ 3:52am 
It's a sizeable undertaking, I'm essentially trying to chart every single location within skyrim and put each one into a full video, regardless of length.
Omega Dan Apr 15 @ 3:55am 
anyway, i've got roughly 13 or so down now, so take a look.
I'll probably stop dying at and around level 25 or so, when I hit my stride. but right now i've been dealing with death over and over again.
I got real lucky at drelas cottage.
Omega Dan Apr 15 @ 11:44am 
alright, that makes 15 or so locations, maybe 16. got a long way to go.
Omega Dan Apr 15 @ 1:53pm 
Originally posted by slofish_00:
Don't burn yourself out. It's an awesome project and could eventually
become a helluva full length movie.
I'm working on it as best as I can, but yeah, shouldn't burn myself out.
be sure to share it, maybe give me some pointers on things I might have missed. this is a grand undertaking.
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