WDSL Apr 14 @ 10:43am
What happens If I buy skyrim now ?
Hello. I want to know that I've already finished skyrim but it was not original. Now, I want to buy legendary edition on steam but I have one problem. What will happen my old character? I mean, can I still use my old save file when I bought the game?
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MikuCore Apr 14 @ 10:45am 
its most likely that you can use that save
buy the game now
TheNovemberMan Apr 14 @ 10:46am 
All the LEGENDARY EDITION does is gives you the 3 DLC'S- nothing more, nothing less
_IRB_MYSTERY MAN Apr 14 @ 10:51am 
i would just buy the DLCS not ledendary, besides you acn just get mods to fill the boringness of not doing anything
gnewna Apr 14 @ 10:53am 
What do you mean 'it was not original'? If you just mean you already own the base game, the Legendary Edition can be worth buying in a sale, but if it costs more than just buying all three DLCs, do that. Either way, you can keep playing with your current save.

If you mean that the copy you had was, erm, not legitimately obtained, I would probably recommend starting a new character, because goodness knows what a shonky copy will have done to your saves.
WDSL Apr 14 @ 11:22am 
Hmm first thanks for all comments and help. I downloanded the game first and also all DLC's, I mean that with 'It was not original'' But If i can play with old save it's not problem. I hope so :D But thanks all of you :D
crapmonster Apr 14 @ 11:29am 
I won't bother to reprimand you for pirating and then posting about it here but....please buy the game in either case since you did seem to enjoy it.
Sinlinara ♥~~ Apr 14 @ 4:17pm 
Activating a DLC in Skyrim is done in the same way as activating a mod off of the Workshop and works similarly. You shouldn't have any problems with adding new content to a save (at least for official DLC; I can't guarantee that every mod you download will work perfectly), although disabling that content after saving with it enabled will likely make that save unplayable until the content is reenabled.

As always with PC games like this I recommend saving in multiple slots so that you can revert to a previous save if something gets broken.
WDSL Apr 15 @ 6:54am 
okey thank you so much
Sanjuro357 Apr 15 @ 5:38pm 
Let me get this straight. You just admitted to pirating Skyrim on the Skyrim forum in Steam and wanted to know if you can transfer the save file from the priated copy of the game?
WDSL Apr 16 @ 1:23pm 
Yes. But it doesn't matter no more because I've just bought it and my old save works.
WDSL Apr 16 @ 1:27pm 
To be honest, I don't think that asking this question could be wrong because skyrim doesn't belong to Steam and also I didn't use it on steam while I was playing pirate version... Any case I'm playing on steam and it's original.
grimus Apr 16 @ 2:52pm 
LOL, you still broke the law and as Steam is Skyrim's DRM, "They" (Steam, Valve, and/or Beth) just might have something to say about it. Might be wise to use the trash can in top left hand corner of your thread header. (and do some research into this topic, you're due for a rude awakening.) Oh, and check the Forum's "Rules and Regs" while you're at it. (just saying.)
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WDSL Apr 18 @ 1:42pm 
But It's not only for steam. Even I didn't play the game on this new laptop -.-'' It was 2 years early and I didn't use to play games on steam -.-'' After installing steam I've never play pirate game...
Snow Blossom Apr 18 @ 1:49pm 
@grimus: he finished the game and still wanna buy it caus he enjoyed much, so they made no minus-cash.
Alkpaz Apr 18 @ 2:54pm 
If you buy Skyrim now, you will be giving money to Gabe Newell, thus feeling better about yourself because you gave your money to a charitable foundation.
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