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jonboy121_2000 2014年4月12日 12時00分
can anyone help me here i ben playing shyrim the game shut down on me and went back to desktop. now ever time i open up the game continue the game the loading screen come up ok and the game just shut down and goes back to deskstop.
can anyone help me with this p/b thanks.
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crapmonster 2014年4月12日 12時25分 
Sounds like a bad save. Your only options are either to try an earlier save or try cleaning it with:
Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 2014年4月12日 13時11分 
Or a mod problem. Did you recently install any?
jonboy121_2000 2014年4月12日 13時16分 
i got it fix i guss i had a bad save i went back to my last save pont need to use the save more offen but thanks for the help and i like to play the game with out mods so i dont install any
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