Trigger Apr 8 @ 9:51am
What's wrong with Skyrim
Did someone fix Skyrim behind my back, the reason i say this is because for 4,350 hours or so i've had to play Skyrim with all the Unoffical Patches in order to run this game. In the last 120 hours or so i've had NO Unoffical patches in my game since deleteing local content the last time and my game has being running FLAWLESSLY and i have about 50 mods, What's wrong with Skyrim.
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Dr. Shocks . DO Apr 8 @ 9:57am 
from my understandin. the USKP fix small bugs [textures, weapon values, etc..], as well as fixing Quests which can have glitches.
Steam snuck behind our backs and gave us an unofficial free Skyrim patch as one of their Steam Updates.
El Presidente Miku Apr 8 @ 10:09am 
magic hehe
I am still waiting for my freee Dragonborn update from steam, lol.
El Presidente Miku Apr 8 @ 10:15am 
there was "free" dawnguard update...
seems like dawnguard isnt "that" good...
Ya I got that free one. Had to go back to an older save to get back my essential npc's after the vamps killed them. That is how I found out it was installed. Just deactivated it until I was ready to play.
Trigger Apr 8 @ 10:18am 
I've done the main quest-line-i am Dragonslayer, I have done the Dark Brotherhood- i am Listener, I have done College of Winterhold- i am Archmage, I have killed Harkon- i am Vampire lord killer, I have killed Miraak- i am the one and only DRAGONBORN and in all that not one bug or glitch has hit my game. What is wrong with Skyrim.
But strange things have been happening to Steam latley tho. All kinds of wierd happenings.
Well the only glitch I still have is I can't go to sleep. If I do , when I wake up I am stuck in 1st person view and in the bed permanently. Can see all the goings on, but can not move.
El Presidente Miku Apr 8 @ 10:21am 
try console command:
I may give that a try. In my first few game starts i tried console fixes for glitches. Never worked. So I haven't tried the console in over 750 hours. Thanks for the code.
tonyrayvick Apr 8 @ 11:43am 
"in the bed permanently" Seeing as only a mod can put you in th bed at all, its pretty obvious what your problem is.
Alkpaz Apr 8 @ 11:50am 
Usually the strength of the modding becomes more apparent late game than early in-game. If you notice problems late-game then it would be a good idea to rethink the mod loadout. Unless, you started cleaning your save file, which, I assume Trigger has done. Usually, I stop playing after hitting lvl 70. It gives one a good basis to determine if the current playthrough is "trouble-free", even then, it can cause all sorts of issues if the save file becomes very large.

check for orphans, although doubtful since I believe Trigg knows not to uninstall a scripted mod mid-game.
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